Organic Fertilizer — Potassium Humate

Fertilizer Humic Acid

Potassium humate on base of lowland peat – increases fertility and restores the land productivity.

Organic fertilizer isolated from Peat– plays a fundamental role in the eco-system “water-soil-plant”
Made from lowland peat with high content of humic and fulvic acids, it contents more than 18 amino acids, 11 vitamins, nearly all the range of known micro and macro elements. It gives the opportunity to cultivate agricultural crops in the exhausted and technogenecally polluted ground.

Potassium Humate Influences in complex:
— Stimulates the growth of plants;
— Improves the quality and crop yield;
— Regenerates soil fertility.

Takes beneficial effect on the growth and fructification of plants — improves the quality and fertility by 75%

Effects on seeds — takes place the exemption from surface infections, improves percent of the germination, boost of the energy of growth, stimulation of growth and development of seeding.

Activates plants’ immune system — greatly increases the resistance to different diseases, infections and negative factors (extreme temperatures, droughts, technogenic loads), restores the genetic information of the plant.

Sharply increases the activeness and energy of the all cells — the metabolism, photosynthesis, breath plants’, synthesis protein and carbohydrates.

Quickly develops the root system — strengthening the exchange of substances between the roots and soil, plants become more resistant to winds, washing out, erosion processes (soil destruction).

Contributes to ecological recovery and detoxification of soil

Affects the mechanical structure of soil — it becomes more loose for better air penetration into soil, making the breath and roots growth going easier.

Saturates the soil with moisture — the evaporation of water is reduced by 30%, that leads to more effective absorption of moisture, water turns into the state of “melt water”.

Regulates the temperature — the soil acquires darker colour and accumulates the sun warmth much better. As a result, the soil warms up quicker and it’s average temperature rises.

Neutralizes radionuclides and heavy metals — compound irreversibly (lead, chrome, mercury, nickel, cadmium) and remove from the natural exchange of substances.

Hasten decomposition of organic toxicants — efficiently absorbs the organic compounds, thus reducing their toxicity as for plants so for the human.

Land Reclamation

Potassium Humate has wonderful results during the land reclamation of steep slopes, roadsides, garbage dumps, construction sites, waste disposals, oil polluted lands. It has normalizing and refining effect on its different properties.

After treating and simultaneous grass sowing technogenic landscape becomes green in two weeks. After 2-3 years after sowing there appears stable turf and strengthening of technogenic land surface.

Ecological Safety

Potassium humate allows to reduce significantly the amount of introduced nitrogen and potassium mineral fertilizers or refuse from them. It allows to save on the purchase of mineral fertilizers and allows to fertile bigger sown areas.

High load of modern world leads to degradation of environment. Harmful substances entered the soil pass to the plants and this has bad impact on human and animals’ health.

After using of potassium humate plants are 100 % protected from such harmful substances.

Potassium humate composition — Quantitative Analysis

Potassium Humate – ideal balance of useful elements

Spreadsheet 1

Indicator Quantity, mg/dm2 Description
pH 9.0 Measure of acidity
Kalium (K) 1941 Conserve water, increase drought resistance
Nitrogen (N) 504 Regulates the growth of vegetative mass of plant, determines the yield level
Phosphorus (P)  19.6 Activates the root system growth, increases frost resistance
Riboflavin (B2) 0.54 Stimulates the root absorption of nutrient elements
Folic acid (B9) 0.12 Activator of cell division
Valine 143 Hasten fruit ripening
Glycine 183 Nutrition stimulant
Glutamic acid 133 Cell wall protection
Lysine 118 Germination stimulant
Mass fraction of humic acids 65.0 %
Mass fraction of organic substance 73.7%


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