Fir Needle Oil

Coniferous miracle: unequalled composition and properties of Fir Needle Oil

In the group of coniferous scents, pine and spruce are the most common. For some reason they forget about fir, although it has been used for a long time. Fir needle oil exhibits properties that make it unique among other members of this group. These include strong warming and wound healing capabilities.
For plants climatic conditions of the Urals, Altai, Sayan, North-East Russia, Eastern and Western Siberia are suitable. This is a beautiful evergreen tree of the pine family. It has a delightful pyramidal shape and silver-olive bark. The fruit of the fir-cones — grow vertically upwards, resembling holiday candles on the Christmas tree. This is a distinctive feature of the fir.
There are more than 40 species of fir, but the medical properties mainly dominate in Siberian one. Medicines, natural oil are made from needles, buds, young shoots, bark.

Production and General characteristics Fir Oil

Fir oil is obtained by pressing not only parts of the plant, but also the fruit-cones. Steam distillation is the best method of extracting the product. The largest amount of oil contains mature, old Siberian fir, which led to its widespread medical and cosmetic use. I must say that inside the plant, the oil of Siberian fir changes its volume and qualitative composition throughout the year. In the spring, the bark of the tree contains aromatic oil in a minimum amount, while the needles in this period get the maximum of the product. The highest concentration of the most important constituent substance — bornilacetate — is observed by the end of autumn — the beginning of winter. Fir needle oil has such a light muted yellow hue that you can call it colorless. The smell is coniferous-balsamic, with tart notes, spicy shade, resinous, fresh, characteristic of the coniferous forest. Additional oils for fir are selected easily. Its low cold aroma does not drown out, does not mask other smells during mixing, but only adds forest freshness. The best complementary flavors are cinnamon, basil, cedar, lavender, lemon, bergamot, myrtle, marjoram, cumin, rosemary, ferula, bigardia, nutmeg, verbena. Only the cleanest air and the absence of industrial pollution are suitable for the existence of the tree, which ensures the absolute ecological purity of the preparations obtained from it. Fir oil is used in various fields of medicine, cosmetology, in everyday life due to its many useful properties.

Composition fir needle oil

Natural fir needle oil from any part of the plant contains: tannins; antioxidants; carotene; tocopherols; phytoncides; flavonoids; trace elements.
This rich composition makes Siberian fir oil a unique medicine, giving it: tonic, antibacterial, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, general strengthening, expectorant, warming properties.

Properties fir oil

Fir oil has a very strong tonic aroma, which has a pronounced psychoemotional effect. It calms, relaxes at nervous exhaustion, depression, obsessive anxiety, stress, nervousness. Derives from emotional numbling, a state of passivity, helplessness. Fir oil allows you to find peace, mental balance and stability, harmony with the surrounding world, tones, stimulates creative activity. Aromatherapy with Siberian fir oil inspires, promotes rapid adaptation and search for productive solutions in difficult circumstances, relieving self-destructive emotions, nervous breakdowns, opening a person the opportunity to see the good side of life, to enjoy other people’s achievements.

Fir oil has pronounced antiviral, bactericidal and fungicidal properties — they provide phytoncides in the composition of the medicine. They are so strong that they often exceed the power of antibiotics, without causing any harm to their health.

1.This is a great tool for disinfecting homes, public spaces. It sanitizes the air and purifies it from disease-causing microorganisms, mold and dust.

2. Preventive use of fir reduces the incidence of influenza by 24-48 %, other acute respiratory diseases — by 32-44 %.

3. If you do get sick, aromatherapy can significantly reduce the risk of complications.

4. Fir needle oil eases the flu and colds, reducing intoxication, headache, weakness, feeling of weakness, pain in the limbs.

5. Wound healing properties of fir is used for wound disinfection, general recovery, treatment of colds, coughs of patients. Evidence of this is found in the study of ancient cultures.

6. Pure Fir needle oil has a strong anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect in diseases of the respiratory system. Perfectly removes sputum, sanitizes tracheal-bronchial pathways, improving their patency.

7. Fir oil activates cellular cleansing of the body.

The pronounced warming property of the product helps to soothe the pain characteristic of arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, muscle neuralgia; relieve swelling and inflammation of the joints. Siberian fir: activates the immune system by stimulating the production of T-lymphocytes. Strengthens the body’s defenses under low-dose  of radiation exposure. It has a positive effect on the bone marrow, improving blood counts in leukemia and lymphopenia, restoring erythropoiesis. Fir oil has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, improving the conductivity of the myocardium, showing a slight cardiotonic effect, slightly increasing blood pressure, which is useful for hypotonics. It is believed that pure fir needle oil improves metabolic processes, stimulates the endocrine system.

Application in Cosmetology fir needle oil

This medicine is actively used by cosmetologists to solve many skin problems. Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal qualities of fir help to get rid of acne or pustular rash, boils, infiltrates, fungal lesions. Heavy foot odor caused by hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is also perfectly eliminated by this tool. Women will find in fir oil an ideal cosmetic product, thanks to its tonic effect on the body’s cells. This property of fir oil is especially felt after taking a hot (38 °C) bath with the addition of 3-5 drops: after 15-20 minutes, there is a feeling of lightness, youth, fatigue disappears, stress is removed. A longer stay in the fir bath helps to relax the muscles, fast falling asleep. At the same time, sleep becomes calm and deep. Such procedures have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, help to get rid of insomnia and neuroses. At the same time, there is a recovery of heterogeneous activity of the cerebral cortex.

Domestic use

The product effectively eliminates unpleasant odors; well disinfects the air; repels insects; relieves swelling and inflammation from bee stings.

Peculiarities of application and storage.

1.The fir needle oil of the plant can not be combined with alcohol intake. This requirement applies not only to the period of treatment, but also to the next two days after its end. The alcohol neutralizes the medicinal effects.

2.Using of this product is unfavorable for pregnant women, people with asthma, personal intolerance to spruce resin, children under 3 years of age.

3. Gastritis, ulcerative diseases, renal pathology, epilepsy are indications for a categorical ban on the use of the medicine.

4. If getting the desired therapeutic effect involves internal use of the product, do not take it on an empty stomach. Possible heartburn, nausea after ingestion can be extinguished with a glass of kefir or mint tea.

5. Even the softest (pure fir needle oil) product can not be applied undiluted. The skin and mucous membranes react to the product with an active cooling sensation.

In any case, before use, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as well as to conduct skin and aerosol tests. For this purpose, apply the product to the inner side of the elbow bend, observing the reaction of the skin for at least 12 hours.

For the aerosol test, drop a couple of drops of this product on a cotton swab. They inhale the fragrance for a few minutes, observing the general state of the body.

Like any oil, fir loses its healing qualities under the influence of direct sunlight and oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to store it tightly closed in a dark place. Compliance with these rules guarantees long-term preservation of all useful properties (5-10 years).

This pure fir needle oil has been used for centuries. Due to its high biological activity, the product suppresses staphylococcal infection, rod-shaped bacteria. These properties ensure the purity and freshness of the air in the coniferous forest, and walking among trees strengthens your health, gives a feeling of lightness, cheerfulness, peace.

9 Recipes for using fir oil

Only external use!

  1. Tubs.
    — In cases of rheumatic and catarrhal «aches and pains», as a diaphoretic.
    — In case of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.
    — As a sedative and tonic mixture.
    General baths: 6-7 drops of fir oil.
    Foot baths: 10-12 drops
  2. Massage.
    — Muscle, joint and bone pain of various origins.
    ATTENTION! In acute inflammation, fir oil can not be used!
    — As a general tonic for recovery from injuries, severe or long-term diseases.
    Dosage: 9-10 drops for every 20 g. basic product (massage cream, vegetable oils).
  3. Inhalations.
    — Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.
    Dosage: 2-3 drops per liter of water.
  4. Mouthwashes.
    — In cases inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx.
    Dosage: 1-2 drops per glass of warm water.
  5. Compresses.
    — Treatment of joint pain, bruises.
    ATTENTION! In acute inflammation can not be used!
    Dosage: 3-6 drops on a wet compress of flannel or gauze.
  6. A fragrance lamp.
    — Strong antiseptic for air disinfection during the flu epidemic and after and before it.
    — As a sedative for stress and depression.
    Dosage: 1-2 drops per 5 square meters of area.
  7. Flu, acute respiratory infections and other catarrhal diseases (especially when children are ill). Massage the oil into the collar area of the back, chest, do foot massage with oil on the reflex zones 4-5 times during the day via 5-6 hours. After each procedure, wrap the patient with compress paper, cover with a warm blanket.
  8. Wound treatment. Cuts or scratches are smeared with clean oil to prevent suppuration. Wounds of a large area can not be treated with it. Third-degree «A» and «B» burns. Prepare an emulsion of 3 parts of oil and 7 parts of spermaceti. In household conditions, you can prepare the ointment in the same proportion on any fat basis. Lubricate 2-3 times a day.
  9. Fractures, bruises. Massaging fir oil in the area of a fracture or bruise accelerates the process of bone fusion and healing. Inside, take Shilajit 0.5 g in the morning and at night. The frequency of massaging — 2 times a day.

ATTENTION! There are contraindications: acute kidney inflammation and pregnancy because fir oil has a toxic effect on baby.


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