DIY Stretch Marks Cream

Stretch marks (striae) — often occurring, not dangerous, but very ugly formation. The appearance of stretch marks spoils the joy of motherhood of every second woman. After all, who but a young mother is to be beautiful, confident and happy. Learn to get rid of stretch marks using Shilajit-organo-mineral complex of natural origin. The main cause of stretch marks — breaks in the collagen and elastin fibers of the dermis. Breaks in the deep layers of the skin are most often associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, with a rapid weight gain, with heavy physical activity (for example, bodybuilding), with hormonal failures and rapid growth in adolescence, with a hereditary predisposition, with taking medications, for example, a group of glucocorticoids, with problems in the functioning of the endocrine system (adrenal dysfunction). Stretch marks have two stages of “maturity”. Initial. The color of the scars is rich pink-purple. Chronic. The color of the scars is pearly white. Time of maturation of stretch marks from the moment of appearance to discoloration: 6-8 months. Unfortunately, stretch marks can be made less noticeable, but you can’t get rid of them completely.

Effects of using Shilajit to prevent stretch marks
DIY stretch marks cream
Shilajit for stretch marks: why, how and how much?
Recipes with Shilajit for stretch marks
Cream with Shilajit for stretch marks, caused by the pregnancy
Cream with Shilajit for stretch marks after childbirth
Mask with Shilajit for stretch marks
Shilajit wraps for stretch marks
Prevention of stretch marks
Tips for using Shilajit
Shilajit tablets (capsules) for stretch marks
Results. Photos before and after

Effects of using Shilajit to prevent stretch marks

• Reduces size of existing stretch marks
• Reduces their intensity of its colour
• Reduces the relief and depth of stretch marks
• Increases skin firmness
• Shilajit may be used during nursing period
• Enriches  the skin with vitamins and minerals of natural origin

Shilajit is the most effective cure for stretch marks and other skin problems. It is known for its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties, and most importantly, the resin accelerates the regeneration process. Mumio affects not only the upper epidermis, but also improves blood circulation in the damaged dermis.

DIY Stretch Marks Cream

1. Fist, prepare 5 grams of Shilajit. Next, dissolve Shilajit in 1-2 teaspoons of warm boiled water (you need to use natural Shilajit, not in tablets – capsules) it will take some time.
2. Take of cream 100 grams that you usually use (you can use common baby cream as a basis) it add to the Shilajit. Mix mix thoroughly – Cream for stretch marks Ready!
3. Apply cream 1-2 times a day on the problem areas of the body, massaging these areas for 10-15 minutes.
If you want to get quick results,  you should use the cream 2-3 times a day and apply it on clean and well-steamed skin.
You can be sure, in the fight against stretch marks there is nothing complicated – if you use high-quality Shilajit. You can verify the effectiveness of this method in the fight against stretch marks by looking at the practical results of peoples who used Shilajit. The photo shows the condition of the skin before applying the cream from stretch marks and after a therapeutic course.

Shilajit for stretch marks: Why, How and How much?

One of the benefits Shilajit, the famous “mountain resin” is the ability of this substance to stimulate regeneration processes in the human body. This supplement used, not only for healing wounds and fractures, but also to fight with stretch marks during pregnancy and after rapid weight gain or weight loss, which happens much less frequently.

Shilajit for stretch marks

Stretch marks are a cosmetic defect of the skin, but poses no health hazard. In fact, these are the consequences of subcutaneous tissue microtrauma, which the body could not eliminate due to the low level of production of such necessary proteins as elastin and collagen. Skin repair process is reversible, but there is a radical difference in approaches to eliminate the problem. Traditional  anti-stretch marks cosmetology uses an expensive laser procedure, but you can use the natural remedy Shilajit and this simple way to solve the problem is much cheaper. The advantage of “mountain resin” is the ability of Mumio to start the natural processes of skin self-healing, that is, the resin simply helps the body quickly eliminate an external defect. Body needs almost a decade to remove these marks without help. A cream with a Shilajit is prepared and applied to damaged skin depending on size of stretch marks and how long ago they appeared. Finished cream with Shilajit is not sold in pharmacies, you need to prepare it yourself.

Recipes with Shilajit for stretch marks

A cosmetic mixture to make at home seems to many extremely difficult, often such recipes to require exotic ingredients for example: fresh chicken eggs. Fortunately, the mixture with Shilajit for stretch marks can be prepared with minimal effort. Only two ingredients are required: baby cream or every day cream and Shiajit. It is better to prepare cream Altai Shilajit, it exceeds other varieties of mountain resin in terms of effect on the skin. So, in order to prepare such cream you should use following ingredients:1 gram of Shilajit for every 20 grams of baby cream or every day cream. The process of  making the substance is very simple: Mumio to dissolves in plain with water, in using as little amount of water as possible in order to make the mixture slightly liquid and then add solution to the baby cream and mix thoroughly. The tool must be applied right after the  preparation because this cream should not be stored for longer than 24 hours. At desire to make the effect of the cream stronger, you can add a third ingredient to it – a couple of drops of any citrus essential oil.

Cream with Shilajit for stretch marks caused by the pregnancy

Stretch marks formed on skin during  the pregnancy most often appear on abdomen and more seldom likely to affect other parts of the body. This circumstance worries most of all those expectant mothers, who heard that Shilajit is contraindicated during pregnancy. Expectant mothers are afraid to use the cream even externally, because they think that they will harm the fetus. In fact, the cream with Shilajit has a local effect, it does not penetrate the blood through the skin. The cream with Shilajit does not penetrate deeper than subcutaneous tissue.
The process of making cream does not change: Shilajit dissolved in water, added to the baby cream and thorough mixed, very carefully applied on to stretch marks. One application per day will be enough. Do not remove it for 2-3 hours after application. The effect of essential oils is harmful for the fetus, so do not add it to the cream.

Cream with Shilajit for stretch marks after childbirth

Stretch marks during the period pregnancy are mainly formed on the abdomen, but after the childbirth it often occur on the mammary glands. Sometimes stretch marks on breasts reach noticeable sizes, it causes depressive mood due to the loss of previous attractiveness and sexuality. Cream for stretch marks after childbirth should be used with great caution on the breasts because the baby may refuse breastfeeding not taking the smell or taste of the remnants of the cream. Essential oils are forbidden to add to this type of cream. The aroma of oils can remain for several days. The way of preparing cream is as usual – resin is dissolved in water and add to the baby cream. After childbirth, a woman can apply the cream on the stomach and buttocks without fear. It is better to apply cream on the mammary gland immediately after feeding in order to wear the cream for at least an hour, after which it needs to be washed off with plenty of warm water. All in all you should notice whether your baby likes it or not.

Mask for stretch marks

Mask with Shilajit for stretch marks

When stretch marks are inveterate it is difficult to lead the fight with it using only Shilajit cream. For such cases it is better to use masks with Shilajit. A mask for stretch marks helps to cope with the problem faster, but it is more difficult to prepare, additional ingredients will be required. Several recipes have proven good results:
1. Take equally: gray clay, natural honey and blue clay. Put it all in a container and melt on the water bath, melt to condition of fluidity. If plasticity of the mixture is insufficient add a little more honey. The Shilajit dissolved by water to a condition of fluidity and added to a warm finished mixture. Proportion 1 gram of Shilajit mixing with 10 grams of honey-clay mass. The solution is mixed thoroughly and applied on stretch marks, then the bandage is applied. Hold it for one hour, then remove the mask, rinse off with warm water. Regularity of the procedure – one mask every day.

2. You need to melt 50 ml of almond oil to 104 – 113 °F, add 5 grams of resin – wait for its complete dissolution, then add essential oil of bergamot or carnation – 2-3 drops. The mask is applied for 40 minutes for stretch marks, it is not necessary to rub it. With this mixture, you can do massage for stretch marks and cellulite on the buttocks or hips. The regularity of the procedure is one mask every other day.

3. Mix 4 tablespoons of cream and honey, 15 grams of brewer’s yeast and 2 grams of Shilajit. Then mix the solution thoroughly and apply to the required areas of skin, after one hour rinse off with warm water. Such a mask will also be useful for the skin damaged with cellulite. The regularity of the procedure is one mask every day.

4. Mix Shilajit and honey in proportions 1:20. The mask is applied for an hour, then rinsed off with warm water. This mixture should be used to do massages helping against cellulite. Do the massage by “patting” movements – pressing and tearing off a sticky hand from the skin. Regularity of the procedure – one mask every day.

5. The simplest mixture. Dissolve a little Shilajit in water and apply stretch marks. Then rinse the mask off with warm water as soon as it dries and begins to tighten the skin. The mask is very effective though it’s too easy. The regularity of the procedure is one mask every day.

Shilajit wraps for stretch marks

The skin also has other problems, for example, the same cellulite, you can apply a wrapping with resin, described in detail below.
1. Dissolve a little Shilajit in water, add to it 2-4 drops of essential oil of orange, grapefruit or lemon, apply the mixture in a thin layer to the problem area, wrap with the clingfilm. Take a towel and wrap it around clingfilm. The clingfilm should be removed 30 minutes later, the cream with oils is rinsed off with warm water.

2. The ingredients to mix: 1 gram of resin dissolved in 10 ml of water, 30 grams of blue clay, 20 ml of olive oil, 2 drops of orange or grapefruit essential oil. The mixture is applied in a thin layer, covered with clingfilm and a towel, after 30 minutes it should be rinsed off under a contrast shower.

Notification!!! Wraps are not used if you have skin diseases and during the period pregnancy.

Prevention of stretch marks

No need to wait until the stretch marks on the body become larger every day, the problem can be solved with preventative methods. It will be enough to lubricate parts of body, that are threatened by the appearance of stretch marks and twice a week make any mask with Shilajit, which recipes are described in the corresponding section above. In the lack of contraindications (pregnancy, oncology, old or young age) external preventive method are well supplement with the internal intake of “mountain resin” – 0.2 grams dissolved in water, in a cycle of 25 days. One hour before breakfast in the morning and two hours after dinner in the evening.

Tips for using Shilajit

For a woman who uses Shilajit to fight insidious stretch marks, we listed some simple and useful tips below.
1. Shilajit never should be dissolved in hot or boiling water. You need to use the water of room indoor temperature.
2. The dosage of “mountain resin” recommended by a specific recipe should not be exceeded. There will be no harm, since Shilajit is absolutely non-toxic, however, increasing the dose will not bring significant benefits. Since the regenerative effect of this supplement not due to “horse doses”, but due to the systematic application.
3. Do not skip procedures – where Shiajit is involved. Such circumstance greatly reduces the positive effects on the body.
4. The cream is not recommended to prepare in huge amount at once. Shilajit has a long shelf life – as long as resin is in its natural form. If the resin is dissolved in water, it loses its beneficial properties during 1-2 days. The best option is to prepare a single serving of cream or mask before each usage for prevention stretch marks and cellulite.

Shilajit tablets (capsules) for stretch marks

As it is not so easy for every human to get natural Shilajit (someone is just too lazy), so a human pays regard to tablets (capsules) of Shialit, which are easy to buy in a pharmacy. But is it permissible to use Shilajit in pills for stretch marks or cellulite? Possibly such a cream will not have proper healing power? The tableted Shilajit is yield in strength to the effect of the natural “mountain resin” on the body, however, if you increase the dosage of this component this disadvantage can be largely compensated. If natural resin is replaced with Shilajit pills, prescription cream against stretch marks is as follows:
• 2-3 grams of Mumio (12-15 tablets) grinded into powder, dissolved with a minimum amount of water
• add the finished solution to the baby cream and mix thoroughly.
• at desire, a couple of drops of citrus essential oil are added to the cream.
It is important to clarify that the dosage compensation does not provide the complete replacement of natural Shilajit.

Results. Photos before and after

On the Internet, you can often find unsatisfactory reviews, about cream and masks with the Shilajit as the results of the impact. With more careful reading of such comments, one important circumstance is striking – women who have not been successful in the fight against stretch marks, applied the cream for only 1-2 weeks, after which they gave up and stopped preventive actions.
Fight against stretch marks takes time – from three months and longer, depends on the age of stretch marks, and the individual characteristics of the organism. Women who showed persistent systematical approach applying cream with Mumio, obtained better results as an improvement of skin condition – feedback from usage was only positive. It should be remembered that positive results in the fight against stretch marks can be achieved only with regular application of cream or mask, without gaps and other indulgences. Any pause in such cosmetic therapy immediately discards the process of eliminating stretch marks several days or weeks ago. But if systematicity was observed, then the reward will be not just the disappearance of stretch marks, but also a certain “immunity” from their formation for the next 1-2 years. Below are the photos of “before and after” the usage of cream with Shilajit, sent to our e-mail.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated, long or expensive in the fight against stretch marks – if you use high-quality Shilajit. People often ask What is Shilajit? We have an answer in detail on this page:


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