Shilajit for fractures healing

Fractures, especially leg fractures are one of the most common problems which have a huge economic burden on patients and the society. Shilajit is traditionally used to regeneration bone fractures.
Based on the results of investigation, Shilajit is a traditional supplement used from ancient times to improve fracture healing. Also, all the substances except Glossostemon bruguieri are mentioned in TPM as effective in wound healing. In new investigations, this effect was studied and approved only in Shilajit.

1. Shilajit is effective supplement for fractures healing
2. The using of Shilajit for bone fractures
3. Recipes of using Shilajit in the recovery of bone fractures
3.1 How to take Shilajit inside in cases of bone fractures
3.2 Recipe for treatment of fractures with Shilajit
3.3 Recipe for healing fractures for children
3.4 Recipe with Shilajit for bone fractures
3.5 Shilajit with a decoction of cumin for bruises
3.6 Shilajit with injuries of joints, dislocations and stretching of muscles
3.7 Balm with Shilajit and honey for fractures

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Shilajit is effective supplement for fractures healing

• Shilajit has a highly effective stimulating effect on the healing process of fractures, the time of fusion is reduced till 16-20 days.
• Mumio compensates the negative reaction of the body to the injury, normalizes the blood picture, which increases the physiological functions of the whole body.
• In the most critical period of bone regeneration (10-15 days after injury) Shilajit increases the concentration of alkaline phosphatase in the blood, in the following days, when the need for this enzyme gradually disappears, significantly reduces this one.
• Shilajit has pronounced normalizing effect on the level of potassium, calcium and inorganic phosphorus in the blood, it promotes the growth of bone tissue from the bone marrow and periosteum massive bone callus fills the gaps between the bone fragments.
• Under the action of Shilajit the overall reactivity of the body increases, characterized by the rapid disappearance of autoantigens (damaged tissue) and pathological focus, also it helps to make rapid purification of wounds more rapid, reduces purulent discharge, begins early granulation and epithelialization of wounds.
• Decreases the flow of autoantigens into the blood and the production of autoantibodies, significantly improves the quality of bone regeneration in case of complication of the process of open fracture healing (ostiomelitis, etc.).
• Usually there is an increase in the activity of transaminase, which is directly dependent on the degree of intoxication of the body by the products of the purulo-necrotic process.
• The use of resin in complex therapy for the opening fractures normalizes transaminase activity, which’s necessary for normal enzymatic body’s activity.
• Leads to the marked improvement in General condition of the patients, body temperature and sleep are normalized, appetite is adjusted, weight is fixed, swelling decreases, there is a complete recovery of the damaged limb.
In case of bones fractures or strong bruises, dislocations or sprains of muscles: a supplement is used in amount of 0.2-0.5 g. Should be taken orally.
Research in the field of surgery and traumatology, which have been conducted for more than one year, allow us to conclude that the supplements Shilajit for healing bone fractures in cases is one of the effective means for the treatment of injuries of various types.
It is proved that the use of Shilajit in bone fractures reduces the time of bone tissue growing back together by almost 3 weeks. This Altai Shilajit does not allow various complications and displacements to appear, especially in the most critical period, when the bone callus begins to harden (from 10 to 15 days of injury).

The using of Shilajit for bone fractures

Many people have experienced what fractures look like and how long their healing can last. Fractures can occur as a result of a strong fall or impact. Depending on the severity and treatment, the recovery of damaged bone tissue can last up for several months. As longer this period proceeds as it is more difficult to bring the limb back to normal. Research in this area has proven that the Shilajit with a broken bone can achieve extremely rapid healing. Bone tissue regenerates faster. This is especially true for those who are over 40 years old.
The healing process involves the scarring of bone tissue. During this time, a bone callus is formed, which becomes a bonding link between the parts of one bone at the site of the fracture. Bone tissue loses its regeneration properties with aging. That’s why a hip fracture at this age can entail months, and even years, of treatment. An effective remedy in this situation will be ointment with Shilajit – a supplement of natural origin.
It is proved that the process of healing lasts for shorter period of time owing to application of Shilajit. Bone tissue grows back together 15-20 days faster than in the usual treatment of closed fracture. Mumiyo has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It restores blood composition, calcium levels and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is recommended to take in cases of open fractures. Wounds are tightened faster, purulent discharge is reduced to zero and the focus of inflammation disappears.
With such dynamics, bone fusion occurs much faster. Patients feel better, body temperature returns to normal level, swelling subsides, and all functions of the damaged limb return to normal. It is very important to know how to take the Shilajit for fractures. After all, the wrong treatment will not contribute to recovery. As well as another medicine Mumiyo is taken differently under various circumstances.
Depending on the severity of the fracture and its location, the period reception of the medicine can last from 3 to 5 courses. One of them should be for 25 days. After that, you should take a break for 5 days. During treatment, the Shilajit should be taken orally in amount of 0.2-0.5 grams, mixed with a decoction of cumin or rose oil. During the entire treatment and during the break, the injured limb must be massaged using the medicine externally.
This treatment heals the bones fusion very quickly. The healing and recovery process is not complicated. Mumiyo has a beneficial effect on all processes in the human body. Therefore, the nucleic exchange is enhanced, and the mitotic cycle of the cell is faster. This leads to the fact that young cells begin to grow and divide intensively. No pills will give such a result as a natural Shilajit. By the way, it can be used without fear for fractures for children.

Shilajit fractures healing

Recipes of using Shilajit in the recovery of bone fractures

1. How to take Shilajit inside in cases of bone fractures
As you know, mountain resin is used not only externally, but also orally for various injury. How to take Shilajit when you have any fracture? It’s necessary to take a little natural Mumiyo (half a gram or even less) and take it inside, washed down with plain water. The recipe with Shilajit for healing fractures suggests to take the supplement on empty stomach – for example, early in the morning, when it is at least half an hour left until breakfast.
By the way, it is advisable to add the internal effect to external: daily massage the affected area with resin until complete (or at least partial) absorption. To make the massage more effective, you can mix the Shilajit with small amount of honey. After taking the medicine for 25 days, you need to make a 5-day break. Then you can resume the course. By massaging bruised chest, dislocated joints, the place of stretching or fracture with resin daily, you can achieve notable results.

2. Recipe for treatment of fractures with Shilajit
According to the recipe, the Shilajit in the treatment of fractures is very effective if you take it inside, even without accompanying massage procedures. In order to fix damaged tissue as soon as possible, you need to take medicine inside 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Treatment of fractures with the help of Mumio will be more effective if you correctly calculate the amount of medication: for example, for 50 kilograms of weight you should use 0.2 grams of Shilajit and for 90 kg – 0.5 g. We activate useful qualities of the resin by taking it on empty stomach.
According to this scheme, it is necessary to take Altai resin for three weeks in month. We can’t stop taking the medicine during this period because the whole body with fractures and various injures of bones and connective tissues requires a long complex impact.

3. Recipe for healing fractures for children
Shilajit is a natural substance that has low toxicity and it is applicable even for children. Shilajit for healing fractures for children, according to the recommendations, should be taken orally, with water only. Don’t take the resin on a full stomach because it won’t work. Recipe from Shilajit in case of fractures prescribes to take the supplement before food, 2 or 3 times in day.
The dosage of Mumiyo varies depending on the age of the child. Children under the age of five are prescribed to take one tenth of a gram of natural Shilajit (not from tablets or capsules) 2-3 times a day. Children of 5-10 years are allowed to take 0.3-0.4 grams. Teenagers of 11-15 years old are allowed to raise the dosage to half a gram, but no more. This treatment not only helps to heal damaged tissues, but also allows you to improve your overall health.

4. Recipe with Shilajit for bone fractures
A variety of recipes with Shilajit for bone fractures interpret the correct dosage of the medicine in different ways. The method of treatment of fractures, sprains and dislocations can be called one of the most gentle and simple. Resin should be consumed daily, once a day, only 0.2 grams. It is best to take the resin on empty stomach – for example, in the morning, when the stomach has been cleared of food completely, but it is something left until breakfast.
The course of treatment lasts for 10 days, after which it is necessary to make a ten-day break, and resume the course of treatment of bone tissues, taking Shilajit according to the same scheme another 10 days. Thus, after a month, the therapy will be completed, and you will notice obvious improvements or even completely healing.

5. Shilajit with a decoction of cumin for bruises
In order to recover damaged external tissues more quickly, and heal broken bones faster, it is useful to drink Shilajit. Broken ribs and even affected internal organs (heart, lungs, liver etc.) can be cured if you take Altai resin with cumin. The using of Shilajit for bruises can be external and domestic. After mixing 0.2 grams of resin with a decoction of ordinary cumin, you need to take in the finished mixture every day, until you notice changes in your condition.
In addition, you can use the Mumio, rubbed with rose oil (half a gram of the medicine per spoon or two of oil). This mixture is well massaged onto the damaged area with soft circular movements until the balm is absorbed. Rose oil neutralizes the unpleasant smell and improves the consistency of the mixture.

6. Shilajit with injuries of joints, dislocations and stretching of muscles
Problems with bruises and sprains, fractures and injures, dislocations and even rheumatism have one solution. Shilajit for injures and other damages of both soft and hard tissues, is very effective. The use of Shilajit for injuries and bruises can lead to the expected result, if you undergo a whole course of treatment.
Depending on the weight of the patient, 0.2-0.5 grams of Shilajit should be taken daily, on empty stomach.
The duration of treatment is 3 or 3.5 weeks, then you need to make a five-day break and, if necessary, continue taking Altai resin. The effect of the resin will be twice as strong if you simultaneously massage the damaged area with a mixture of resin with essential oil, baby cream or honey.

7. Balm with Shilajit and honey for fractures
Mountain Altai resin gives a stunning effect if you mix it with some oils or other things. Shilajit and honey, for example, get along well in mixture that helps speed up the process of bone fusion. How to make honey balm with Shilajit at home? You need to take one gram of natural resin and mix it with a tablespoon of boiled water. After the mixture will stand for a day in the kitchen, it’ll become virtually even.
The next step is to add 20 grams of honey to the «resinous» water and carefully homogenize everything. Now the mixture is ready. It should be consumed by one tablespoon every day before breakfast or dinner. The course of treatment is approximately a week or less, depending on how soon the medicine will show positive effect on the body.

8. Shilajit with sea buckthorn oil 

Sea buckthorn oil has the ability to stimulate processes at the cellular level, neutralizes free radicals, and accelerates cell regeneration. In combination with mumiyo, it accelerates the healing of fractures and has a positive effect on the work of the whole body. To prepare the mixture, you will need 0.2 g of Shilajit, which is diluted with 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of sea buckthorn oil, mixed well and taken 2 times a day for 3 weeks. Then take a week’s break and continue if necessary.

9. Massage paste

Paste with mountain resin is another effective tool in the fight against fractures, which allows you to speed up the healing of bone tissue. Massage paste is used exclusively for massage procedures during rehabilitation. You can prepare it as follows:

  • 5 g of shilajit;
  • 20 g of propolis;
  • 10 ml of calendula tincture;
  • 50 g of vaseline.

All the ingredients need to be mixed, put in a container and heat in a water bath until the slurry condition. Then cool it, pour into a glass container and apply during the massage. You can use the paste for a long time until the fracture is completely healed.

Opinions about the Shilajit

People who was given a recovery course using natural shilajit noted improvements from the second week of using the resin. In order to increase the effectiveness, you should use this method in complex therapy, including medications, physical therapy. In a serious situation, it is necessary to take the resin internally and externally.

Doctors recommend taking the resin for people who are contraindicated by many medications due to intolerance. Shilajit does not have components that can cause serious harm to the general condition of the body, so this method of treatment is used for children and elderly patients.

Those who tried the Shilajit action noted significant changes. The general condition of the body improves, the injury heals faster, and the degree of unpleasant consequences of the injury is reduced. In addition to the positive properties of the healing rate, mumiyo reduces pain while wearing a cast, after it, or when refusing a plaster cast.

Where can I purchase pure Shilajit?

The price of the resin depends on the place of purchase. The average cost is from $ 24.48. Today, Amazon is the largest marketplace where Shilajit is sold. The final price depends on the manufacturer and form of the Shilajit. It is difficult to find a pure, natural resin, so you should give preference to this form. Carefully study consumer reviews. Folk methods of therapy in certain cases are highly effective. The effect of using shilajit is noticeable only if the correct dosage is chosen, which you will be assigned to. In order to speed up recovery, it is not recommended to abandon standard methods of therapy. A comprehensive approach will help avoid negative consequences and speed up recovery. The dosage and method of use should be consulted with your doctor, it depends on the nature of the damage and the individual qualities of the human body. It is not necessary to recourse to a self-medication, this will lead to negative consequences and lack of effectiveness of treatment.

Brief Conclusions about Shilajit

Altai Shilajit from fractures:

  • activates regeneration of damaged structures;
  • reduces the time of formation of corns and splinters by 2-3 weeks;
  • replenishes calcium deficiency in the body;
  • suppresses the production of enzymes that destroy osteoblasts;
  • stops inflammatory processes; promotes wound healing in open fractures.

Useful properties of mumiyo are due to its rich composition. The natural product shilajit contains more than 80 biologically active compounds, including wax and resins, fatty and amino acids, bee products, essential oils, vitamins (in high doses of group B) and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, titanium, cobalt, iron, silicon, and others). The beneficial properties of these biologically active compounds are greatly enhanced by prolonged exposure in the specific climate of the highlands.
Before taking the Shilajit, you need to consult tour practitioner to find out possible contraindications. There are few conditions in which the product is contraindicated, but they happen to be.

These are:

  • hypersensitivity to the components;
  • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • age up to 2 years.

Our tip for faster fracture healing use the Shilajit – stay always Healthy!

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