What is Shilajit

Here you can find detailed information about the properties, composition, benefits, method of application of this tool, presented to us by nature under the name Shilajit.

Shilajit or Mumio use both these terms are often interchangeably, substance is very complex in its chemical composition and structure, which is mining only in some mountainous regions of the earth.  

In Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical treatise, entire chapters are devoted to Shilajit. It is known that Shilajit is formed from various substances: trace elements, microorganisms, plants, animals and their products. And mountains are needed because of their microclimate. It is the highlands, where the oxygen content is reduced, temperature changes sharply, ultraviolet radiation is increased. Shilajit is collected in the highlands of India, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Russia. In India it is known as ” Shilajit “(“the victorious stone”), and in Burma as “Chas-tum” (“blood from the mountain”). All its names are difficult to count. People all over the world who extract and consume this resin agree in one thing – it has unique properties. Shilajit from different countries and from different fields has a similar qualitative composition, but differs in the ratio of individual parts. At the same time, different methods are now used for research, which allowed us to find out the composition of different types of Shilajit extracted from different fields. For example, the isotopic composition of the Altai shilajit was close to the composition of the remnants of mountain vegetation characteristic of the belt from 8 500 to 11 5000 ft above sea level, the age of the shilajit deposits on the walls of the Altai caves is from hundreds to thousands of years.


  1. What is Shilajit?
  2. Useful properties and benefits of Shilajit
  3. Benefits of Shilajit for Hair
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    • DIY stretch marks cream with Shilajit
  5. Shilajit in the prevention of diseases
    • The use of Shilajit in the prevention of allergies
    • How is Shilajit used to  wounds and burns
  6. Shilajit is for joints and bones health
    • The using of Shilajit for bone fractures
    • Shilajit Recipes for prevention of joints
    • How is Shilajit used to prevention rheumatism
    • The use of Shilajit in the prevention of dislocations
    • How to take Shilajit of arthritis
  7. Shilajit in ailment of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT)
    • Shilajit in the prevention of stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers
    • Recipes for the use of Shilajit in the prevention of gastritis
    • Instructions of application of Shilajit in cases of chronic and ulcerative colitis
  8. Shilajit is prevention of the respiratory tract disease
    • Recipes with Shilajit for the prevention of allergic and bronchial asthma
    • Prevention sinusitis and otitis via using Shilajit
    • Recipes for using Shilajit to stop bleeding
    • Prevention regimens and recipes with Shilajit to relieve sore throat symptoms
    • Shilajit recipes for colds and flu
    • The use of Altai Shilajit in the prevention of bronchitis
  9. Shilajit is for skin diseases
    • Recipes for creams and masks with Shilajit for acne on the face
    • How to use the Shilajit for psoriasis at home
    • Shilajit ointment against eczema
  10. Helps to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
  11. Oral diseases
    • Recipes for the use of Shilajit in the prevention of periodontal disease and pain in the gum
  12. Eye diseases
    • The use of Shilajit for prevention of glaucoma
  13. Schemes and methods use the Shilajit
  14. Shilajit – methods for taking
  15. Shilajit flat cakes, compress
  16. Shilajit for rinsing
  17. Dental and gum treatment
  18. Shilajit and prevention ear
  19. Shilajit installation in the nose
  20. Eye installation
  21. Microclysters from the Shilajit
  22. Shilajit and alcohol
  23. How are Shilajit tablets (capsules) different from the Natural Shilajit?
  24. Contraindications
  25. What is the Shilajit extracted from?
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What is Shilajit?

Natural Shilajit
A lot of unique books and articles have already been written about the unique healing properties of shilajit, but what is it in general?
Shilajit is a organo-mineral complex of natural origin. It consists of more than 85 minerals and rich fulvic acid  necessary for humans.

Shilajit as a supplement has been known for about three thousand years. The majority of doctors tell us how to use it, such as Razes, Biruni, and Avicenna. Moreover, even Aristotle clearly describes how to apply it. All this information was known back in the 4th century BC. Traditional medicine of Tibet, Central Asia, and India successfully used its medicinal properties in those days and continues to use it even today.
Resin deposits are found only in some mountainous areas of the earth. They are most common in Russia- harvested in mountain Altai, Tibet, and India. Reserves of high-quality raw materials are not very large, and therefore shilajit are often faked.
This product is a black-brown elastic homogeneous mass with a specific smell and bitter taste. It should completely dissolve in the water giving it a brown color.

Mountain resin changes its physical properties depending on the environment. For example, with increased humidity, the shilajit becomes very sticky and shiny (enough to rain outside the window), in dry weather it quickly loses moisture, so it must be kept closed.
To date, it has been scientifically proven that mountain balm has a beneficial effect on the whole organism, and also increases resistance to immunity to various diseases, stimulates the regeneration process, which reduces the period of bone growth, promotes wound healing, positively affects the gastrointestinal tract. Many cosmetics consist of shilajit, such as creams for stretch marks, shampoos, various scrubs, and masks.
Buy in USA Shilajit, if you still do not understand what it is. You will enjoy its healing power.

Official source about Shilajit:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3296184/

Useful properties and benefits of Shilajit

Shilajit is widely used in medicine and cosmetology field:
⦁ It has a beneficial effect on the face. The antiseptic properties help to relieve redness, reduce and dry some inflammations. It is possible to admit that there are succinic acid and antioxidants, which allow the skin regenerate faster, make it more youthful and toned, reduce wrinkles.
⦁ You can also successfully get rid of the scars, stretch marks, and cellulite (so the resin is often used for cosmetic masks).
⦁ It positively affects the hair’s health, protects it from harmful environmental factors, and also strengthens their bulbs, stimulates the improvement of blood flow in the scalp, as well as helps to fight with hair loss.
⦁ Its usefulness is also irreplaceable for colds and viral diseases, inflammatory processes. Preparations, which include shilajit affect flu, sinusitis, tonsillitis, inflammation in the genitourinary system.
⦁ It helps fight digestive disorders. Pain, discomfort in the components of the gastrointestinal tract, heartburn, gastritis, ulcer, flatulence – all these problems and ailments are successfully prevented resin.
⦁ The use of shilajit helps to stabilize metabolic processes in the body. In particular, it stimulates the production of a sufficient amount of hormones by the adrenal and thyroid glands. And that contributes to the fight against many ailments, the appearance of which is due to disruptions in the course of metabolism.
⦁ Mumio resin has exceptional benefits for the nervous system the health of men and women. It helps to deal with the effects of stress and strain, get rid of sleep problems, or relieve migraines.
⦁ Accelerates the regeneration of tissues, including muscle and bone. Therefore, any problems with bones or muscles, including fractures of varying degrees of complexity, resolved faster if using resin based on the Shilajit.
⦁ Effectively relieves pain in the joints. This, coupled with anti-inflammatory action, contributes to the prevention of arthritis.
Shilajit for athletes is able to fill the lack of nutrients, stimulate mineral metabolism, improve the quality of muscle tissue. And the Leucine contained in Shilajit helps to increase protein synthesis and the formation of new muscle fibers.
⦁ It improves blood flow, makes the walls of blood vessels stronger, helps them become more elastic.
⦁ It is also useful for the respiratory system. Its use accelerates the prevention of bronchitis, pneumonia, eliminates the annoying suffocating cough that accompanies these and many other ailments.
⦁ It helps to stabilize weight and normalize metabolism. This aspect of the impact of the Shilajit will appeal to people who seek to get rid of extra pounds but have not yet succeeded in achieving their goals.

Use of Shilajit

There are universal recipes for the use of Shilajit, which are suitable for any kind of prevention and recipes that are specially compiled, selected and optimized for the fastest and most effective solution to a particular problem. You have to understand that cleansing the organism involve different use methods.
Diseases in the presence of which the use of Mumio is contraindicated practically do not exist. This is a unique and one of a kind tool that allows you to get rid of many ailments. Besides, with regular admission, a significant increase in immunity is observed.

Prevention with Shilajit. Recipes for applications

Shilajit is a very effective component in the prevention of respiratory tract diseases: sinusitis, asthma, adenoids in children, as well as bronchitis and flu.
It is also possible to use the Shilajit in bone splicing after fractures, as well as in the prevention of joints and dislocations.
It is useful for diseases of the liver and kidneys, improves vitality, has a beneficial effect on the immune system and cleanses the body.

Benefits of Shilajit for Hair

Hair Mask

Shilajit is a natural hair growth stimulant. Treatment with such an active ingredient have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the scalp, which awakens the “sleeping” hair follicles and give life to new hairsprings. Mumio saturates curls with elements that are of great importance for their beauty and health – zinc, selenium, silicon, copper. The useful substances contained in this product penetrate well into the scalp.

Shilajit is used against the problems such as hair loss and dandruff. In addition, shampoos and masks with mumiyo restore normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, eliminating fat. For this reason, they are recommended for women with oily hair type. At the same time, mumiyo makes the curls more resistant to the adverse effects of external factors.

Girls who have experienced natural remedies with mountain balm, note that the hair before and after application is really upswing for the better.

What are the benefits of Altai Shilajit?

  • protection from the harmful effects of the environment
  • reducing inflammation
  • delaying the skin cracks
  • docile hair
  • ease of styling
  • shine and smoothness of the strands
  • the treatment of brittle hair and frayed ends
  • the synthesis of collagen which leads to the elasticity of the strands in the result
  • control of sebaceous glands and reducing the formation of subcutaneous fat — reduction of hair oiliness
  • treatment of seborrhea and dandruff
  • growth acceleration through the intake of necessary amounts of zinc and copper
  • the supply of necessary substances, vitamins
  • acceleration of the circulation of the skin on the head
  • strengthening strands and preventing their loss
  • awakening the dormant follicles

Stretch Marks Cream with Shilajit

Cream from stretch marks with Shilajit is working perfectly.
⦁  DIY  stretch marks cream with Shilajit
⦁  Why Shilajit helps get rid of stretch marks after childbirth

Shilajit in the prevention of diseases


How to use Shilajit in the prevention of the disease? The unique properties of this substance have anti-inflammatory, regenerative-stimulating and general tonic effect. Shilajit promotes the healing of wounds and burns, as well as fractures and dislocations, minimizes and even eliminates any manifestations of allergies, and eliminates a myriad of health problems.
The use supplement Mumio for the prevention has practically no limits because it is a really wide spectrum of action.

The use of Shilajit in the prevention of allergies.

Shilajit can be called an indispensable remedy in prevention of allergies, the nature of which, by the way, is still almost not studied. Studies have shown that the use of Shilajit as an anti-alergy medicine in 90% of cases gives positive result.

Shilajit from allergies, instructions of using resin

To make the mixture, you need 100 ml of warm boiled water and 1-2 grams of natural Shilajit (it is better to grind it in advance so that the resin dissolves faster). By the way, already at this stage, you can distinguish a good Shilajit from a low-quality one, because the first one dissolves easily and without sediment. Take the resulting solution twice a day internally: in the morning and in the evening, 1 tbsp on empty stomach. If rash or redness appears on skin which can happen parallel to the classic food allergy, you can prepare a 20-30% solution with Shilajit and treat the damaged skin areas with it.
What is allergy?  In the age of highly developed chemical industry, allergy is a frequent guest in almost every family. After all, ecology is the main factor which affects the state of health. A huge number of antihistamines in the market, unfortunately, does not treat this disease completely, but only stops the symptoms. But do not worry, using Shilajit from allergy is a reliable and long-proven way not just to get rid of the running nose, cough and other consequences, but with its help, you will be able to breathe calmly again, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations!
The nature of allergy is little-known. First of all, allergy is a certain reaction of our body to various external stimuli. The well-known sore throat, swelling of the nasal mucosa, tearfulness and cough are the first signs of the disease. Thus, the immune system tries to get rid of foreign particles that irritate the body.

Among the most popular allergens can be found:

  • plant pollen;
  • household (domestic) dust;
  • wool of various animals;
  • berries;
  • chemicals.

Allergy medications — good or bad?

Often, we simply do not pay attention to the symptoms of allergies. After all, it is enough to drink one or two popular pills, and it goes away. But for how long? After all, the stimulus continues to remain in the body, and the medicine simply mute our immune system.
Ultimately, the consequences can be extremely unpleasant and deplorable. After all, during our life, some harmful substances store in the body and they are not excreted. As a result, an internal bomb from this concentration may one day be triggered. So is it worth continuing to numb the symptoms with newfangled remedies? Unfortunately, in classical medicine, there is no 100% effective antihistamine that would get rid of allergies forever, but there is a chance to permanently send an uninvited guest out of your life.

How is Shilajit used to healing wounds and burns

Shilajit is quite effectively used in the treatment of burns of various degrees, with proper use in a few days there is a noticeable positive result. Shilajit, when used in cases of burns, not only accelerates the healing of the skin, but also prevents the appearance of scars and scars that have a negative aesthetic effect.
Regardless of the area and degree of damage made to the body by fire, Altai resin, when used correctly, quickly copes with itching and suspends inflammatory processes. Shilajit from burns is used both internally, in a solution with milk or boiled water, and externally in the form of applications to the affected skin.
Against normal household burns on a small area of the body solution or ointment with shilajit concentration of 30% should be lubricated at the site of injury. If fire or high temperature damage is up to 5% of the body, and not limited to local redness of the skin, then you should combine both external and internal use of mountain resin. The course of treatment is usually 25-30 days.

Recipes for burns with Shilajit

Shilajit provides skin restoration and rapid healing after both chemical and thermal damage. In the case of severe burns of the II degree, accompanied by the appearance of swelling of the skin and blisters with a clear liquid, the following treatment regimen should be used: applications of gauze soaked in 40% solution of shilajit in combination with the medicine which is be prescribed by your practitioner. It is also necessary to drink 0.3 grams of shilajit twice a day for 10 days.
This method allows you to reduce the course of treatment to 5-7 days, also reduces preoperative preparation for the treatment of deep thermal or chemical lesions of the skin.
Using mumiyo from scars after burns can help to get rid not only of red spots after contact with boiling water or hot oil, but also from persistent scars on the skin as a result of a third-degree burn. For treatment, you will need a concentrated solution of shilajit with water — you should take 10 grams of mountain resin and dilute with 50 grams of water. The resulting liquid with cotton pad should be applied to the area of redness or scar and leave for at least one hour. If you perform the procedure twice a day, the redness will completely disappear in a week.

Ointments and solutions with shilajit of burns

Shilajit solution for burns allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate abscesses and suppuration in any degree of skin damage.
Shilajit in solution or in ointment has the ability to reduce itching on the damaged area and reduce to zero unpleasant pain. In 3-4 days after the start of application, the itching disappears, it is recommended to dissolve 3 grams of Shilajit in a glass of water and treat the affected areas of the body.
Ointment with Shilajit from burns can be used as an independent tool for the treatment of thermal or chemical lesions, and in combination with other medicine. There are several recipes that will have a beneficial effect on the skin and speed up the healing process of open wounds:
1. Bandage with propolis — a teaspoon of concentrated propolis ointment is mixed with 15 drops of 30% shilajit solution. Sometimes may happen an allergic reaction to propolis, so it is advisable to test the tolerance on healthy skin.
2. If the process of restoring the skin after a burn is aggravated and the inflammatory processes are noticeably increased, then you should make lotions of 20% mumiyo solution twice a day for about half an hour. After the exacerbation subsides, it is necessary to lubricate the inflammation center with 30% ointment and do not wash it off for several hours.
It should be remembered that self-treatment with folk remedies can be done only with burns of I and II degrees, and with more serious damage to the surface of the body associated with charring or the appearance of a scab, it is necessary to seek help at hospital. Using Shilajit will help speed up the healing process of burns and open wounds, reduce the time of regeneration of the young skin, relieve unpleasant pain and prevent the formation of suppuration.
It is necessary to use only natural Shilajit, extracted in the mountains. The healing resin in the tablets has lost its natural consistency and some biological properties, so the treatment may not give the expected positive effect.

Shilajit for joints and bones health

A highly effective regeneration effect is exerted by the Shilajit in bone fractures. The terms of bone fusion are significantly reduced. The resin content of the natural origin of a complex of trace elements helps to stimulate the processes of an oxidative-inflammatory nature, which contributes to active regeneration and ensures success in the treatment of joints. It is especially useful to use the Shilajit for arthritis. It also will help with a dislocation of the shoulder.

The using of Shilajit for bone fractures

Shilajit has a highly effective stimulating effect on the healing process of fractures, the time of fusion is reduced to 16-20 days.
Shilajit compensates the negative reaction of the body to the injury, normalizes the blood picture, which increases the physiological functions of the entire body.
During the most critical period of bone regeneration (10-15 days after injury), Mumio increases the concentration of alkaline phosphotase in the blood, in the following days, when the need for this enzyme gradually disappears, mumiyo significantly reduces it.
Shilajit has a pronounced normalizing effect on the level of potassium, calcium and inorganic phosphorus in the blood, it promotes the growth of bone tissue from the bone marrow and periosteum massive bone callus fills the gaps between the bone fragments.
Under the influence of shilajit the overall reactivity of the body increases, characterized by the rapid disappearance of autoantigens (tissue destroyers) and pathological focus, there is a rapid cleansing of wounds, reduces purulent discharge, begins early granulation and epithelization of wounds.
Decreases the flow of autoantigens into the blood and the production of autoantibodies, significantly improves the quality of bone regeneration in the complicated course of an open fracture (ostiomelitis, etc.).
Usually there is an increase in the activity of transaminase, which is directly dependent on the degree of intoxication of the body by the products of the purulent-necrotic process.
The use of mumiyo in complex therapy for open fractures normalizes transaminase activity, which is necessary for normal enzymatic activity of the body.
There is a marked improvement in the general condition of the patients’ health: body temperature is normalized, sleep and appetite are adjusted, weight is restored, swelling is reduced, there is a complete recovery of the damaged limb.
In case of broken bones or severe bruises, dislocations or sprains of muscles: mumiyo in the amount of 0.2-0.5 g. should be taken orally. At the same time, it is necessary to massage it to the damaged areas.

Research in the field of surgery and traumatology, which have been conducted for more than one year, allow us to conclude that Shilajit in fractures is one of the effective means for the treatment of various types of injuries.
It is proved that the use of mumiyo for fractures reduces the time of fusion of bone tissues by almost 3 weeks. The Altai Shilajit does not allow various complications and displacements to happen, especially in the most critical period, when the callus begins to harden (from 10 to 15 days of injury).

Shilajit Recipes for prevention of joints

Shilajit is widely used for the healing of joints, as it is inexpensive, but very effective supplement can give a head start even to the best supplement for diseases of bone and cartilage, which are practiced in foreign clinics in the treatment of joint diseases.

Honey ointment with Shilajit for joints

The best ointment is honey. To make the mixture, you will need 5-7 g of mumiyo, 10 g of honey and 2 teaspoons of warm boiled water (you may use less water but it is not needed to use more). Keep in mind that mumiyo tablets are devoid of any benefit. So, take natural clear Shilajit. Mix it with honey, liquid or thick – it does not matter, as long as it is not candied. Add water to the mixture and stir the resulting mass until it becomes smooth. That’s all, your ointment is ready. But the use of Shilajit for joints is much more laborious than the preparing process itself. To feel the effect, you need to massage the resulting substance into the problem area for at least half an hour. To keep the ointment from drying out, periodically moisten your hands with water.
The rich composition of the product (which includes both organic compounds, vitamins and acids, and chemical trace elements) makes it a strong fighter on any front. Altai Shilajit has a positive effect on changes in bone tissue, inflammation in the joints, cartilage.

How is Shilajit used to prevention rheumatism

The use of Shilajit in the healing of rheumatism of the joints

Articular rheumatism is the most common form of rheumatism and requires mandatory treatment. The use of Shilajit in rheumatism has already proved its effectiveness. Shilajit perfectly warms the tissues, relieves inflammation and soothes pain, and everyone can use it.
If there is no professional treatment, joint diseases can be quite dangerous. And if you are familiar with this problem, find out how to use shilajit for rheumatism of the joints to achieve the maximum positive effect. Otherwise, swelling of the joints, severe pain and limited mobility – this is the least problems you will have to face.
Several proven healing regimens for rheumatism
If you have been diagnosed to have joint rheumatism or arthritis, you can use one of the following methods of applying the natural medicine.
Shilajit with honey as a compress
When faced with the first symptoms of rheumatism (joint fatigue, pain, increased joint size, etc.), you can make such a warming compress. Mix 2 g of natural honey and 2 g of Altai Shilajit until smooth, massage the mixture into the skin of the inflamed area and, putting a warming bandage on top, leave it on for all night. Repeat the procedure daily for 5-6 days.
Oral use of Shilajit
Considered folk remedy for rheumatism can also be used orally. Pour 20 pieces of rosehip fruit, 100 ml of hot boiled water, let the liquid to settle in a thermos (three hours is enough), and then dissolve in it 5 g of Altai mumio and add 10 drops of liquid vitamin A. Drink the resulting mixture twice a day for 50 ml for 20 days, then rest for another 20 days and then go through the course again. It is necessary to take courses this way for six months.
Aqueous Shilajit solution for compresses
Take 15 g of Shilajit (only do not use mumiyo in tablets) and stir in 200 ml of warm water. Moisten a soft gauze in the resulting solution and apply a compress to the inflamed area. The compress should be kept all night, and you should repeat the procedure until you feel relief.
Use any of the suggested treatment regimens or combine them at your discretion to achieve the desired result.

The use of Shilajit in the prevention of dislocations

Shilajit for treatment of dislocations will help to ease the difficult-to-bear languor in the joints, will make it possible to avoid excessive swelling of the muscles due to prolonged inactivity and atrophy. In case of dislocation, not only the joints are affected, but also the soft tissues that surround the area of damage. In addition, Shilajit shows excellent wound healing properties.
1. It is necessary to mix 0.2 grams of mumio with a decoction of ordinary cumin, you need to take the mixture daily, three times a day before eating.
2. 0.5 grams of mumio is mixed with rose oil, it is recommended to lubricate the injured area with this mixture.
The use of Shilajit to treat dislocations
Before taking Shilajit to treat the dislocation, you should study the recipe: it is important not only to massage the mountain balm into the surface of the injured joint, but to take the resin inside, on empty stomach. The approximate course of treatment is about 25 days. A full course of treatment accelerates the process of fusion of injured bones to about two weeks.
In case of dislocation of the hip, knee, broken bones, sprains and bruises, natural Altai Shilajit should be used to stimulate the redox processes that occur in the immediate vicinity of the injury and in inflamed tissues. The treatment with Shilajit in case of dislocation of the shoulder softens the negative reaction of the body to the injury, has a stimulating effect on the healing of fractures formed.
Healing ointment from Shilajit.
Shilajit ointment for dislocations has an anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic and wound-healing effect on the affected tissue. Active components of mountain resin have a beneficial effect on the formation and healing of tissues. A similar medicine mixture is recommended to be applied to the area of pain shock.
Compresses of honey with Shilajit.
If you are interested in how to make a solution of honey with Shilajit from dislocations, you should consider the most common recipe: 100 grams of honey mixed with half a gram of shilajit. This consistency can be put as a compress on the area of pain, and take inside an hour before eating. You should remember that the amount of Shilajit taken orally should not exceed 0.2 grams per day for an average body weight.
Rubbing with an oil solution with Shilajit.
Timely and competent treatment of dislocations with the help of shilajit allows to avoid the spread of inflammatory processes, also it is also good for prevention of elasticity of the joint bag. Regular rubbing with 3-4% solution of mumiyo in heated plant oil will be effective, after 5-7 days there will be positive results of therapy, but for the overall effectiveness it is recommended to continue the course of treatment up to three weeks.
Shilajit is a natural remedy which helps with injuries of the forearm, wrist, arm, elbow, hip joint. In most cases, the expected effect will bring the usual rubbing of mumio as part of plant oil or vaseline, if the dislocation is accompanied by an inflammatory effect, it is highly desirable to take mountain resin inside with honey or milk.

How to take Shilajit of arthritis

The use of Shilajit in arthritis helps to restore connective tissue, and according to medical research, this folk remedy guarantees a very high percentage, if not complete recovery, then tangible relief of the patient’s condition. The same can be said about the use of Shilajit in rheumatoid arthritis, which is a complex autoimmune disease that affects even young people.

Prevention of arthritis with Shilajit is carried out according to the following scheme: 20 days of taking 1 tsp in the morning and in the evening, then 20 days of break. To make the mixture, 20 peeled from the seeds wild rose berries are poured with 100 ml of boiling water, settle in a thermos for 3 hours, add a coffee spoon of an oil solution of vitamin A and mix with 4 g of mumiyo. Take the Shilajit solution internally for 6 months (the course).

Shilajit in ailment of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT)

Indications for the use of shilajit in the prevention of stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers in any instructions for this drug are second on the list after fractures, dislocations, injuries, and sprains. This indicates the high effectiveness of the remedy for eliminating problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
The first improvements will be noticeable after two weeks of using the product.

Shilajit in the prevention of stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers

The effectiveness of using Shilajit for stomach ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is not in doubt. Although shilajit is considered as a means of folk medicine, it is actively used in traditional medicine.
There are a number of general rules for taking Mumio for stomach ulcers:
1. In case of gastric ulcer, it is recommended to use 0.1 grams of the substance 2-3 times a day. The course of administration is 25-35 days.
2. In case of duodenal ulcer use the scheme of taking the supplement stated above, estimated for 20-25 days. At the same time, during the entire course, the patient should take in 6-10 grams of Shilajit.
3. In case of high acidity, shilajit is taken an hour and a half before eating, and in case of low acidity – half an hour before eating. Some recipes contain a neutral method of reception – half an hour after a meal or for the night. Taking the product internally 45-50 minutes before meals is recommended for normal secretion.

Recipes for the use of Shilajit in the prevention of gastritis

In case of gastritis of the stomach, its mucous membrane becomes inflamed. The symptoms are similar to those of a stomach ulcer. Shilajit for gastritis is considered as an effective treatment. Shilajit is an optimal tool which helps to get rid of stomach diseases, ulcers and pain for a long time.

General scheme of application of Shilajit for gastritis
Altai Shilajit is used three times a day. Dose – 0.3 g. If gastric secretion is increased – an hour and a half should pass before eating. In case of low acidity – half an hour before eating should pass. If gastric secretion is normal – 40-50 minutes should pass. Course: from 20 to 25 days. The pain will disappear gradually. At the same time, recovery processes in the glands happen, sleep is restored. In addition, the work of the intestines and stomach returns to normal. As a rule, for heartburn, spasms, vomiting, bloating and other symptoms, you should seek help. If you do not catch on in time, you can earn a chronic disease.

How to take Shilajit for gastritis

Gastritis of the stomach is a common disease. It comes in many forms. In severe forms, gastritis is often accompanied by bleeding. The properties of Shilajit, significantly superior to propolis, celandine, etc., are due to active elements, including a number of vitamins, trace elements, proteins, essential oils, organic acids and other useful components.
Shilajit has a stimulating effect on the body. Due to taking Shilajit there is an intensive increase and division of cells in body, increased exchange of nucleic acids and total protein, also the cleaning of the body is in progress, etc. In addition, wounds can heal at the local level.
Traditional treatment of gastritis and gastroduodenita involve the use of natural Altai Mumio. After a couple of weeks from the moment of its application, gastric pain disappears, weakness goes away, sleep is restored, irritability decreases, the vulnerability of the gastric mucosa decreases, ulcers is healed.
How to take Shilajit for gastritis for adults, what are the features of erosive disease, how to treat children gastritis, whether prevention is needed – you will find answers for these questions below.
If you suspect gastritis
Use Shilajit as follows: 0.4 g of remedy three times a day. With increased secretion an hour and a half should pass before eating, in case of low acidity of gastric juice – half an hour, if it is normal – 40-50 minutes. Course – starting from 16 to 20 days. This will require 4 to 6 g of Shilajit. Timely use will allow maximum recovery of secretory gastric activity.
In case of high acidity
1 g of Altai Shilajit should be completely dissolved in a liter of boiled cooled milk. Scheme: three times a day for 200 g for half an hour before meals. Take 10 days. It is recommended to take from 3 courses to 5.
In case of low acidity
During the day, a solution of natural Mumio, which is prepared according to the general scheme (3-5 g of Altai means per liter of boiled water) should be taken. Shilajit which has a high quality completely dissolves in water, leaving no precipitation.
In case of zero acidity
0.1% solution of natural Altai Shilajit is used. It is recommended to take when a person has atrophic and other types of gastritis. Scheme: one glass three times a day before meals. One course lasts 14 days. The dose is calculated based on 150 mg per kg of weight. The drug promotes positive tissue reactions, increased secretion of the gastrointestinal tract.
Recipe for dyspepsia
Prescription for dyspepsia. It is necessary to use inside natural Shilajit, mixed with bee honey or milk for 0.2 g. as well as a solution of Shilajit (tablespoon) in tea or boiled water. Take regardless of food in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Optimal course: 24-26 days. Signs of the disease go away after 15 days from the beginning taking the medicine. No side effects were detected.

Instructions of application of Shilajit in chronic and ulcerative colitis

Treatment of such a serious disease as colitis should be comprehensive. During taking Shilajit for colitis it is recommended to combine with other medical procedures, medications and a special diet. Well, how to do it correctly, we will discuss below. But about that, several varieties of ulcerative colitis have been identified, which differ depending on the clinical picture. Shilajit in the prevention of ulcerative colitis always allows you to achieve positive results. After all, this tool has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, helps to heal wounds and ulcers.
The use of Shilajit for the prevention of colitis
If you have been diagnosed with non-specific or other ulcerative colitis, know that you can use Mumio, both orally and rectally. And the best result can be achieved by a combination of these methods of treatment. Let’s consider the main schemes.
How to use Shilajit orally
Dissolve 0.5 g of the supplement in a glass of warm water and drink it in one gulp. Wash down with water with natural honey dissolved in it (1 tsp per glass). This should be done immediately before going to bed, and experts recommend to go through 4 consecutive courses of treatment, the duration of each should be 10 days, and the break between them should be 5 days. It will help to improve your stomach and intestines.
How to apply Shilajit rectally
In addition, acute or chronic colitis can be treated rectally. You should prepare a 1% aqueous solution of natural Shilajit and twice a day (immediately after defecation) enter it into your rectum in an amount of about 30 ml. it Is necessary to conduct 10 consecutive procedures, and after each enema you must lie on your stomach for some time. And you can be sure that Shilajit will really bring you relief.
Complex treatment regimen
As already mentioned above, the most effective way to use Shilajit for the treatment of colitis in a complex is both orally and rectally. And you can do it according to the following scheme. As soon as you faced with the first symptoms of the disease (bowel disorder, abdominal pain, the appearance of blood in the stool, etc.), dissolve 0.5 g of dry product in a glass of water, and then drink the supplement twice-after waking up, on empty stomach, and before going to sleep. And also twice a day, make yourself a microclysm – enter directly into the rectum 1% solution of the Mumio in an amount of 30 ml.

Shilajit is prevention of the respiratory tract disease

Shilajit Amazon

Shilajit can rightfully be considered an effective resin that has a beneficial effect when used as part of a comprehensive prevention of respiratory diseases. You can eliminate adenoids, sinusitis and otitis media, get rid of nosebleeds.

Recipes with Shilajit for the prevention of allergic and bronchial asthma

Various inflammatory and infectious diseases, including bronchitis, begin their harmful effects on the body through the defeat of the mucous membrane – the most vulnerable is the respiratory tract. Shilajit for asthma gradually suppresses pain, provides ease of breathing, lowers body temperature. Symptoms associated with concomitant inflammatory diseases usually disappear quickly. From generation to generation passed really effective recipes using Mumio, which will ensure rapid recovery of the respiratory system of the patient. Among the most effective of them can be identified:
The use of Shilajit in prevention of asthma
Sometimes even ordinary household dust can cause an allergic reaction in adults and children, which provokes asthma attacks. Therefore, it is extremely important to overcome rhinitis, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, cough in time as short as possible with the help of natural remedies. For prevention of asthma Shilajit is absolutely safe and does not affect the weakening of the human immune system, unlike medicines based on antibiotics. It is advisable to avoid eating the most allergenic foods – fish, eggs, shrimp, crayfish; alcohol is prohibited. The use of Shilajit give your body the ability to relieve symptoms of neurotic asthma, which manifests itself after severe stress, a change of sink, an overabundance of negative emotions.
Internal use
It is recommended to take inside 0.2 grams of mountain resin together with milk, cow fat, honey once a day. It is desirable to conduct a course of prevention in the evenings, taking Shilajit on empty stomach, just before bedtime. The approximate duration of the course is 25-28 days, if the disease does not recede after the first series of sessions, it is recommended to repeat in a week.
The use of Shilajit for asthma is effective if the mountain balm is used as a 10% solution for rinsing an inflamed throat. It is recommended to swallow every third or fourth sip when rinsing, taking honey or chocolate after it to get rid of unpleasant taste of Mumio. The approximate daily dose of the biologically active substance should be at least half a gram of a mountain resin.
Cough relief
A strong and suffocating cough with asthma can be eliminated: 3 tablespoons of crushed flax seed mixed with a liter of boiled water. The resulting solution should be settled for 10-15 minutes, then the liquid should be filtered, after that add 0.2 grams of Shilajit. To improve the taste, you can sweeten the mixture with flower honey, carefully clog, shake until the mixture becomes homogeneous. It is highly desirable to boil the mixture to bring the composition to an even consistency. It is recommended to take it in 2-3 times a day before meals, the minimum amount is one third of a glass.
A solution of Shilajit with milk
In a glass of hot milk, stir a spoonful of butter, add a tablespoon of honey, and a small amount of soda – on the tip of a knife. In this composition, you should dissolve 0.2 grams of mumio and take this mixture for one third of a glass three times a day.

Allergic asthma and Shilajit
Shilajit for allergic asthma will help to overcome allergic attacks of suffocation, accompanied by a strong cough. After 3-4 days of intensive use, shortness of breath disappears, breathing is normalized, the strength of the cough is gradually suppressed.
Doctors do not recommend excessive using of various chemical medications which eliminate the symptoms of asthma, but harm the immune system and internal organs. When using Shilajit for bronchial asthma, it is initially desirable to try the drug at a dose that is half as little as indicated in the recipes.

Prevention sinusitis and otitis via using Shilajit

Recipes for using Shilajit to stop bleeding

Since ancient times, people have known about the useful properties of mountain resin. So, Aristotle ordered Shilajit in cases of nose bleeding and other diseases. This is understandable, because only this raw material contains the entire range of nutrients. Scientists have found that the lack of trace elements in products reaches 50%. Trace elements play a major role in metabolism, preventing the development of various anomalies. Shilajit stops bleeding due to its content of selenium, which prevents damage of cell membranes, and iron, which is involved in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, DNA synthesis. Most importantly, all trace elements in a rock resin are in a biologically dissolved form, so it can be quickly absorbed by the body.
Recipes with Shilajit for bleeding
The composition, dosage and method of using of Shilajit depends on the type of bleeding. It is important to note that for preparation of the mixture should be used only natural Shilajit, and not in form of tablets.
The following recipes will help to stop bleeding from the nose.
Shilajit and camphor oil. Take 0.15 g of Shilajit and mix it with 0.075-1.2 g of camphor oil. The ratio depends on the severity of the disease. The mixture should be instilled three times a day for 25 days. After a ten-day rest the course should be resumed. In total, it is recommended to take two courses.
The next prescription will help you stop pulmonary bleeding
Syrups with Shilajit. 0.2 grams of resin is diluted in 4 grams of fruit syrup, honey or milk. The resulting mixture is consumed in the morning and at night before going to bed, in advanced stage of desease, use also at lunchtime. The course of treatment is 25 days with a break of 10 days. For whole recovery 3 to 4 courses are required.
Bleeding with gastritis will completely pass, if you use the following recipe.
The solution with Shilajit. 1 gram of raw material is dissolved in 1 liter of water. Consume one glass on empty stomach 40 minutes before meals twice a day for a decade. After that, you should make a three-day rest and resume the course. In total it is required to pass 3-4 courses.
These simple recipes with Shilajit will help you to get rid of the bleeding of a different nature effectively.

The effectiveness of Shilajit in the treatment of acute respiratory infections of the respiratory tract is due to the content of a balanced complex of various biologically active substances that help cope with diseases such as tonsillitis, flu, bronchitis.

Prevention regimens and recipes with shilajit to relieve sore throat symptoms

Shilajit is a great antiseptic, it contains a special fungus. Therefore, Shilajit for angina provides accelerated destruction of staphylococci and streptococci, unlike antibiotics it does not have a harmful effect on the human immune system.
Folk medicine with proper adherence to the dosage provides an effect comparable to clinically proven medicine. The use of Shilajit for prevention of angina allows you to localize the disease, stop the development of adenovirus infection, eliminate pain when swallowing.
The use of Shilajit for angina
It is proved that Shilajit significantly reduces the pain in the throat, reduces the inflammatory processes in the lymph nodes and tonsils, fatigue passes, and the overall vitality of the body significantly increases. You may prepare a mixture based on Shilajit at home from improvised products that are available in almost every kitchen. These recipes will be an effective method of prevention of purulent, follicular and chronic angina, help with bronchitis and inflammation of the glands.
Shilajit with honey for sore throat
Mumio in the amount of 0.2 grams should be taken orally three times a day, mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 20. It is also recommended to lubricate the throat and nose with the same composition. The optimal duration of the course is 10 days, if necessary, the therapy can be repeated. Use Natural Shilajit, not in tablets.
Shilajit with cream for sore throat
Altai resin in the amount of 0.3 grams should be put under the tongue, holding until completely absorbed, then you should wash it down with cream or hot milk. The effect can be fixed with hot tea with honey.
Shilajit with chocolate for angina

The specific smell and taste of Shilajit can be killed by the sweetness of honey or chocolate. You will need to make a strong solution of Shilajit (3-4 grams per glass of water), which you need to take in by one tablespoon 2-4 times a day, eating a few pieces of chocolate, which will leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

Shilajit recipes for colds and flu

Flu and ARVI are the most common diseases in cold season. And people who suffer from them do not always know how to use Shilajit for flu to quickly relieve their condition and return to the usual rhythm of life.
Classical scheme of application the supplement and prevention of flu
Take 0.3-0.5 g of natural Shilajit (the exact dose depends on your weight) three times a day half an hour before eating, dissolving it in a glass of warm boiled water or milk. Moreover, the prevention of influenza under this scheme should be carried out for ten days, and then, after waiting five days, you can repeat the course.

The use of Altai Shilajit in the prevention of bronchitis

The influence of Shilajit on the respiratory system is not denied even by official medicine. Shilajit is used to destroy infection and restore the drainage function of the bronchi in case of bronchitis. In addition, mountain balm (one of the names of shilajit) normalizes the state of the mucous membrane by saturating the body with important minerals and trace elements.
Shilajit for prevention of acute bronchitis:
1. Stir 2 g of Shilajit in 200 ml of warm water, then add 1 tbsp honey. Drink whole mixture immediately in the morning on empty stomach and after dinner.
2. Take a piece of shilajit the size of a match head (0.2 g), keep in the mouth until dissolved. Can be eaten together with candy or a piece of chocolate.
The chronic form requires longer treatment. Such a situation happens due to the poor state of the immune system and bronchial branches.
Prevention of chronic bronchitis and asthma:
1. Inhalation: dissolve 10 g of Shilajit in 200 ml of water, boil the solution, inhale through a tube. In inhalation with Shilajit for the prevention of bronchitis it is better to use special equipment such as inhalers. It ensures the delivery of healing substances even in inflamed and narrowed bronchi.
2. Take 0.3 g of Shilajit, stir in 500 ml of warm water. Drink twice a day with milk or juice. Altai Shilajit is different from other species – it is endowed with a powerful healing power that can cope with chronic bronchitis and asthma.
3. To get rid of asthma attacks, dissolve 10 g of Shilajit with 5 g of propolis in 300 ml of water and inhale twice a day. It is necessary to take 5 courses for 10 days. Breaks are for 5 days.

Shilajit for skin diseases

In the world, it is hardly possible to meet a person who is unfamiliar with the problem of acne and acne. Today, a lot of methods and cosmetics have been developed to combat them, but the best results are shown by acne shilajit, which is applied to the skin in the form of a cream or masks.

Recipes for creams and masks with Shilajit for acne on the face

Shilajit is very effective against acne. This is a natural remedy, but it is especially often used in cosmetology. Human skin is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of the environment. That’s why focal points of infection appear. Inflammatory skin diseases can occur due to various reasons. It may be hormonal disorders, using of inappropriate cosmetics or other factors. But in any case, Shilajit will help with acne on the face.
Why do acne appear
Healthy, beautiful skin without pimples and black dots indicates excellent health. The presence of acne indicates violations that may be associated with hormonal background, with the use of cosmetics and endocrine diseases. Doctors distinguish several types of acne: black pimples, which are black dots; red pimples; white pimples; purulent pimples.
Regardless of the type, the process of formation of these inflammatory foci is the same: there is a blockage of the pores or ducts of the glands. And as a result, begins the inflammatory process. Most often, acne appears in people with oily skin, as the ducts of the glands are clogged with excessive secretion of sebaceous glands. This type of acne causes the most discomfort. After all, focal inflammation not only have an unpleasant appearance, but also cause pain.
People try to remove acne on their own, which can result in scarring. This problem is most relevant for adolescence, when children do not yet think about the consequences. Another unpleasant moment from squeezing out acne is the spread of the inflammatory process due to non-sterile tools or dirty hands. In addition, it is very difficult to remove all the contents of the pimple on your own, so the infection is spreading with renewed vigor.
Doctors prescribe different treatments for acne. And it may depend on the cause of their appearance. If pustules appear, they should be cured by anti-inflammatory medicines. If it is acne, then you need to use substances that better cleanse the skin. In case of hormonal disorders, the problem with hormones should be eliminated. Shilajit became an excellent tool for getting rid of acne. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates toxins and strengthens the body’s protective functions.

How is the Shilajit from psoriasis used at home

If you really set out to find which tool is most effective and universal, you probably do not have to analyze and compare recipes for a long time. Prevention of a wide variety of diseases, including psoriasis, is now difficult to imagine without Altai Shilajit. The use of such a natural balm as Shilajit for psoriasis is an opportunity to undertake the procedure at home. And even if you accept that psoriasis, unfortunately, can not be completely cured, Shilajit allows you to quickly stimulate the patient’s condition.
Prevention of psoriasis with the help of Shilajit includes many recipes, among which the following can be distinguished by their special effectiveness:
– For psoriasis take Shilajit inside in an amount of 0.2 g at least once a day. And do it for ten days. A mandatory break of five days, and two more such courses can be conducted.
– In case of such a disease as psoriasis, you need to take 0.3 g of mumio once a day without fail on empty stomach.
Until now, the causes of psoriasis are not exactly established. And the course of this disease is impossible to predict. It is noted only that psoriasis that occurred at an early age (in children) occurs in a more severe form than psoriasis in the elderly. The combination of a diet prescribed by a doctor, medication and the use of Shilajit, makes it possible to forget about psoriasis for at least some time and feel like a healthy person.

Prevention of psoriasis with Shilajit
If you have had time to get acquainted with eczema, and know what seborrhea looks like, then you should know what a terrible discomfort these unpleasant skin diseases deliver.
– Treat the affected areas with 2% solution of shilajit, and do it at least twice a day.
– Take Shilajit twice a day for 0.25 g for a month. Then it is necessary to arrange a break for a period of ten days and you can repeat the course again.
Why is Altai Shilajit is so popular and demanded for the treatment of psoriasis among the people. Doctors believe that factors provoking the occurrence of this serious disease are active and unpredictable skin division, heredity, strong and often repeated stress, as well as a significant decrease in immunity. Shilajit, in turn, having a combination of various trace elements and natural substances, is able to have an effective action on these factors. Shilajit is recommended to use to increase immunity, as it has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system and metabolism in the body.  The balm, of course, can not fight with heredity, but it has a serious enough effect on the skin when psoriasis plaques appear on the head, on the hands, on the elbows and on the legs.
Purified Shilajit is a serious help in medicine in the fight against such an unpleasant and serious disease as psoriasis. In addition, do not forget that the balm has also a restorative effect among other things.

Shilajit ointment against eczema  

Helps to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

Shilajit booster

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a long-term disorder characterized by excessive fatigue that cannot be explained by the underlying disease. It is estimated that approximately 836,000 of the 2.5 million Americans suffer from CFS, although most have not gotten their condition diagnosed. Independent source: https://www.cdc.gov/me-cfs/index.html
For now, there is no means that can help to get rid of CFS completely. However, it is possible to cure or control some of the symptoms of this disease.
Scientists have found a link between CFS and mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are the main source of energy for all cells; mitochondria in cells affected by CFS fail to produce energy correctly, leading to physiological symptoms.
Since traditional ancient Indian medicine used Shilajit as a rejuvenating agent, scientists nowadays are investigating its effects on patients with CFS. Studies on rats have shown that taking this supplement contributed to the regression of the CFS – induced period of immobility, and also contributed to the reduction of anxiety during the passage of the raised cruciform maze.
It is believed that this effect is possible due to the modulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system and the preservation of the function and integrity of the mitochondria. Independent source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22771318

Oral diseases


Purified shilajit improves trophic tissue and relieves inflammation, which allows this tool to stabilize the process of a disease such as periodontal disease with regular use. After passing several courses, a complete cure is possible.

Recipes for the use of Shilajit in the prevention of periodontal disease and pain in the gum

The use of Shilajit for the prevention of periodontal disease
Periodontal disease is a common disease that can even lead to tooth loss. But not everyone knows how effective can be Shilajit for periodontal disease. But this safe natural remedy can help in the fight against the disease in question, even in its last stages! It is only important to choose the right shilajit and use it correctly.
Effective prevention of periodontal disease with the help of Shilajit, honey and milk
It is necessary to take 0.2 g of shilajit and dissolve it in warm milk with honey, adhering in the ratio of 1:20. Take in this “cocktail” for 25 days twice a day (and, once necessarily before bedtime). And to ensure maximum effect, it is additionally recommended to carry out local treatment of gums with a 5% aqueous solution of the product – just apply this solution to the damaged gums with a cotton swab.
First, due to periodontal disease, the sensitivity of the gums changes, then the gums swell and begin to hurt, and over time they already bleed, and the teeth are loosened. But the use of Shilajit for periodontal disease can effectively solve the problem at any stage of the disease. However, it should be noted that you should not use pills for treatment, but only Natural Shilajit.

Eye diseases

The development of glaucoma leads to inevitable processes that are fraught with partial and even complete loss of vision.

The use of Shilajit for the prevention of glaucoma

Shilajit is a good preventive remedy for glaucoma, which together with physical exercise and compliance with the correct mode of work and rest will help to preserve vision and eye health.
The first signs of glaucoma are: headache, blurred vision, slight pain, a sense of hydration of the eye. The use of Shilajit for prevention of glaucoma eases pain, tone the eye muscles, but for the complete elimination of the disease in most cases, urgent surgical intervention is required.
How to take Shilajit for glaucoma
There are several means, including mumio, which will ease the pain during exacerbations of glaucoma, help to normalize eye pressure, at the initial stage of the disease will be able to stop the development of the disease. It is important to use only Natural Shilajit in the form of resin, tablets and capsules containing medicinal substances are only an extract and do not have all the useful properties of biologically active components.

Shilajit for glaucoma should be taken internally and externally, in the form of ointment.

Internal use
For open-angle (the most common) or closed-angle glaucoma, it is necessary to take 0.2-0.4 grams (depending on the patient’s body weight) of mountain resin three times a day, with a glass of warm water or milk. The first medication intake should be in the morning, immediately after waking up, half an hour before eating, and the last – two hours after the last meal, preferably just before bedtime. The full course is 25-28 days, it is recommended to limit the load on the eyes as much as possible in the form of watching TV or working at the computer during the therapy, it is harmful to stay in dark rooms for a long time, which causes pupil dilation and increased intraocular pressure.

External use
To prevent glaucoma and reduce intraocular pressure, it is recommended to use a compress of ointment containing Shilajit, a convenient way is to apply a cotton swab soaked in the medicine to the patient’s eye at night. The ointment can be prepared independently, using natural Altai Shilajit – you will need 30 grams of lanolin, three grams of mountain resin, about 100 grams of vaseline, 20 ml of water.
The ointment is prepared in a water bath at a temperature of 75-85 degrees with constant stirring until a viscous homogeneous mass is obtained, the prepared medicine must be stored in a dark place at a temperature of 15-20 degrees.
Before taking Shilajit for glaucoma, you should consult a doctor-because it has a general tonic and preventive effect on the body, but is not able to fully cure glaucoma, only temporarily mitigate painful symptoms. If you delay to go to an ophthalmologist with high eye pressure for a long time glaucoma can result in loss of vision.
Prevention of glaucoma resides in a healthy lifestyle, an annual visit to an ophthalmologist for a preventive examination (especially for people after forty years); it is not recommended to expose the body to prolonged physical and nervous overload.

Schemes and methods use the Shilajit

Proper and regular use of the Shilajit has a beneficial effect on the state of the immune system, increases the rate of regeneration of damaged tissues, and normalizes metabolism. The tool is almost harmless, except for individual intolerance to the components.
Today, many folk recipes for the use of mountain balsam and scientific schemes have been developed with the help of which effective prevention courses are conducted.
Among the many works devoted to the use of shilajit, the book “Shilajit in the complex treatment of bone fractures”, which contains recipes for internal and external use of this tool, the effectiveness of which was proved during clinical testing.
Shilajit should be used in the following dosage: for adults – 0.2-0.5 g. The dose is taken on an empty stomach, an hour or two before eating. As you know, the resin has a bitter taste and a specific smell, so it is recommended to drink it with milk, sweet tea or honey water. One course of prevention is 7-10 days, after which you need to take a ten-day break, repeat the course, again take a break of 10 days and take the final course. The prevention program according to the above scheme requires the acquisition of six grams of the resin Mumio.
According to the general therapeutic norm of admission, a Shilajit in the amount of 0.15-0.2 g is taken sutra on an empty stomach once a day. The use of such a scheme is provided for 10 days, followed by a break of 5-10 days. According to doctors, a break of 5 days is preferable. At the end of the break, the supplement should be resumed and drunk according to the scheme for 10 days. It is possible to calculate the amount of the supplement not according to the above norm, but depending on body weight:
⦁  people with weight does not exceed 70 kg can take 0.2 shilajit and this will be enough;
⦁ weight 70-80 kg requires 0.25 g;
⦁ 80-90 kg – 0.3 g;
⦁ if the patient’s weight surpasses 90 kg, you need to take 0.4-0.5 g of mountain resin.

Shilajit  – methods for taking

Internal use of the supplement. When using mountain balm, a pronounced positive effect is observed, which is especially pronounced in the form of an improvement in the state of the stomach and esophagus. The resin is also used as an immunostimulating, as well as a general strengthening agent. Despite the presence of several unique properties, it is necessary to take into account those side effects that are rare but can occur in some patients:
⦁  yellowing of the tooth enamel is observed when the supplement is absorbed in the mouth;
⦁  pigmentation of the skin manifested in the form of light brown spots on the face and hands with prolonged use of the supplement. Pigmentation spots quickly pass after the end of the course of prevention.
External use. Shilajit perfectly copes with minor skin lesions. To do this, you need to prepare a 10 percent aqueous solution of mountain balm, which must be lubricated damaged areas 2-4 times a day. If the wounds do not heal or fester for a long time, it is necessary to increase the dosage and prepare a 30 percent solution, which should be applied twice a day. It is advisable to cover the damaged area with a bandage or bandage.
For the prevention of deep-lying abscesses with superficial outflow, a piece of dry shilajit weighing 2 g is applied to the pus exit site, after which it is rolled out to the size of the wound. It is best to roll out a slightly warmed preparation. On top of the shilajit, polyethylene and an elastic bandage are applied. Such careful sealing leads to a dilution of the product, which contributes to its deep penetration into the tissue. This is very important since the shilajit has antimicrobial properties and the ability to accelerate regeneration.

Shilajit flat cakes, compress

The easiest and most safe way for external use of the Shilajit is to apply a compress. Indications for this use may include abscesses, radiculitis, joint pain, mastitis, osteochondrosis, and other conditions and injuries. With this application, you do not have to worry about the possibility of an overdose of the supplement, since only the necessary dose can be absorbed into the skin.
Studies have shown that in healthy areas of the skin there is an almost complete absence of absorption of Shilajit, while at the same time in damaged areas this process ends amazingly quickly. Dosage for external use is determined depending on the size of the damaged area. For the Shilajit, which is liquefied by body temperature, not to absorb the dressing, the preparation is necessarily covered with polyethylene.
It is best to apply a compress before bedtime and do not remove it until the morning. In the morning, carefully remove the polyethylene and rinse the skin. If there is a need for a second course of treatment, a compress can be applied only after 2-3 days to avoid irritation on the skin. If, after removing the compress, the remainder of a large amount of the resin on polyethylene is found, to save a valuable substance, it can be reused, adding the missing amount if necessary.

Shilajit for rinsing

In the presence of several inflammatory diseases, it is possible to use a Shilajit solution for rinsing the oral cavity as directed by a doctor

Dental and gum treatment

You can apply a Shilajit to a diseased tooth or gum. Although this method is completely safe, you should not abuse it and use it for too long. If the desired analgesic effect is not achieved in 5-10 minutes, it is better to stop further use of the drug. For the treatment of periodontal disease, a special regimen has been developed.

Shilajit and prevention ear

A 15 percent Shilajit solution, previously heated to a warm state, is pipetted and instilled into the ear with purulent as well as acute otitis media. In this case, the patient should lie on the side opposite to the diseased organ. For the medicine to surely get inside the damaged organ, after installation, a couple of swallowing movements should be made and peace should be maintained for the next 15 minutes. Next, you need to put a cotton swab in your ear and do not remove it for a day. After a day, the tampon is removed, and the ear is washed and cleaned. Ideally, if it is possible to instill the solution at night, and then warm the ear through a woolen pad with a heating pad. As a rule, 3-7 installations per prevention course are sufficient.

Shilajit installation in the nose

This method is actively used if necessary prevention the inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx. An effective method for the treatment of sinusitis. Achieving the desired result may require both a moderate concentration of the solution at which it has a transparent brownish color and quite intense when the solution is opaque. It must be borne in mind that a strong solution can cause severe burning in the sinuses affected by the disease.
After the solution has got into the nose, thinning of the mucus is observed. The effect of the use of the Shilajit, in this case, manifests itself almost instantly. Immediately after installation, the nose is released from the accumulated mucus. You can repeat the procedure several times until the nasal passages are completely cleansed.

Eye installation

In the case of mild inflammatory diseases, for example, the formation of barley, the method of instilling the Shilajit solution in the eyes is used. In this case, the concentration should be very weak. If the desired effect has not been achieved, it is not recommended to re-install the solution. The dosage is 1-2 drops of a very light solution in each eye. After installation, you should blink intensively so that the solution is evenly distributed over the surface of the eye. Repeat the procedure several times, waiting 5 minutes after the previous one.

Microclysters from the Shilajit

This method is indicated for poisoning, intoxication, duodenal ulcer, colitis. For the procedure, you need to take 50-150 ml of a four percent solution of the drug, previously slightly warmed up. The position of the patient during the procedure depends on the location of the affected area. To prevention highly located sections of the intestine, the patient needs to raise his legs as high as possible and not change position for 5-15 minutes, which will allow the solution to reach the desired site. After the procedure, it is advisable not to go to the toilet for 2 hours.

Shilajit and alcohol

You should not combine the Shilajit with any alcoholic beverages. If you strictly follow the recipes, proportions, and regularity of taking the shilajit, then this mountain Mumio is able to provide the body with a complex of necessary vitamins and a large number of trace elements. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of weakened immunity and will contribute to vigor, longevity and good health.

How are Shilajit tablets (capsules)  different from the Natural Shilajit?

real Mumio
Shilajit pills – this is not a shilajit! These are tablets, capsules based on Shilajit extract. When encapsulating, the resin undergoes chemical and thermal changes, after which the substance loses its main healing properties.
Also, in the process of encapsulating, various components are added to it, due to which the raw material acquires the necessary physical and mechanical properties. And these substances are not only not useful, but sometimes harmful to health.
The real shilajit is whole, is a resinous viscous black mass of bitter taste and with a specific aroma, in which the smells of chocolate, bitumen, etc. are mixed.


As you know, any substance in a certain concentration can be a supplement, and in a certain one – you can get a negative reaction to the body. And even the most useful supplement, such as the Shilajit, must be used correctly, without exceeding the required dosage and duration of use. When using supplement based on this substance, allergy sufferers should start with reduced doses to make sure that there are no negative reactions to the body. In addition, it is not recommended to be take with it if there are the following contraindications:
⦁ Oncological diseases.
⦁ Pregnancy and lactation.
⦁ Individual intolerance.
⦁ Drinking alcohol and unwillingness to give it up during treatment.
And, of course, women can turn to supplement based on this substance shortly after the birth of the baby and the end of the period of his breastfeeding, and patients who drink alcohol, if they are ready to refuse it, at least temporarily for the benefit of their health.
We talked about this in more detail here; https://siberian-health.us/?page_id=348

What is the Shilajit extracted from?

What is semi finished? This is a shilajit-containing substance in which the Shilajit itself and impurities such as sand, rock, and other debris are located, so it is impossible to use it without cleaning.
We will tell in detail about four types of semi finished-Shilajit: High mountain semi finished, Mid-mountain, Piedmont, Shilajit containing mud.
High-quality Shilajit can not be cheap, because mining high and mid-mountain raw is a difficult task. Plus, the amount of this raw is very small.

At 95 percent, you are offered a Shilajit extracted from shilajit-containing mud. The healing effect of this product is accordingly small.
You yourself make the choice to save or get a truly high-quality Shilajit.

High mountain semi finished-Shilajit

High mountain Shilajit

It is rare. From this raw material you will get the highest quality Shilajit, it is most difficult to get, because It is found on the mountain slopes of 11000 ft and above sea level. The level of pollution is very small.

In the composition of:
Amino acids: Aspartic acid, Alanine, Arginine, Histidine, Lysine, Leucine, Urea, Methionine, Proline, Serine, Tyrone, Threonine, Cystine.
Trace elements: Manganese, Cobalt, Sodium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vanadium, Nickel, Zinc, Chromium, Silver, Silicon, Aluminum, Barium, Bismuth, Titanium, Potassium, Copper, Molybdenum, Boron.
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, P.
Mid-mountain semi finished-Shilajit
Mid-mountain Shilajit
It is obtained at an altitude of 8000 ft. It is rare. Lightly soiled. In the photo you see how it differs from the highland raw shilajit, there are more impurities here. The quality of the shilajit is good.
In the composition of:
Amino acids: Alanine, Aspartic acid, Histidine, Leucine, Methionine, Urea, Proline, Threonine.
Trace elements: Manganese, Cobalt, Sodium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Nickel, Zinc, Chromium, Silver, Aluminum, Barium, Bismuth, Titanium, Potassium, Copper, Boron.
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, E, P.
Foot of the mountains semi finished-Shilajit
Root of a mountain Shilajit
It occurs in foothill areas and up to 6500 ft. A rather heavily contaminated form of raw. The quality of the shilajit is below average.
In the composition of:
Amino acids: Alanine, Aspartic acid, Histidine, Leucine, Urea, Proline, Threonine.
Trace elements: Manganese, Cobalt, Sulfur, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Chromium, Potassium, Copper, Barium.
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B12, P.
Shilajit containing mud
This raw material is found in large numbers in foothill areas. Changes in temperature, precipitation and wind make this raw material very contaminated. The shilajit content here is less than 30 percent. The most common way of mining. The quality of the Shilajit is very low because the composition is very scarce.
In the composition of:
Amino acids: Leucine, Urea, Proline, Threonine.
Trace elements: Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Copper, Sulfur.
Vitamins: B1, B2, B12.

Buy Shilajit on Amazon

Characteristics that will help you make sure that you are buying a natural substance:
⦁ The saturated dark color and glossy surface.
⦁ An unobtrusive, but very characteristic smell (somewhat reminiscent of the smell of oil).
⦁ Bitter aftertaste.
⦁ Rapid softening in contact with skin.
Buy Shilajit on Amazon: https://siberian-health.us/?page_id=244
use of Shilajit


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Other recent patent about a phytocomplex with vitamins added is WO 2011/041920 [5].

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