Prevention sinusitis and otitis via using Shilajit

The use of Shilajit for sinusitis

In case of manifestation of sinusitis, you can use a 10% solution of Shilajit based on peach or apricot oil (1 g of shilajit per 10 ml of oil). It is necessary to use natural Shilajit, not tablets. Do nasal instillations with this solution in amount of 4-5 drops at least 4 times a day. It is recommended to use this scheme until complete recovery.
They a priory use scientific achievements and advanced technologies in the treatment of various diseases, including sinusitis in modern medicine. So why is the use of Shilajit for sinusitis so popular? After all, this is not an innovation, but simply an ancient folk remedy. Tested for centuries and tested by thousands of people, it still proves its effectiveness and relevance. Altai Shilajit is a truly unique and very effective remedy that includes a huge amount of trace elements and useful substances. For centuries, used in the treatment of sinusitis and other diseases, Shilajit has proven to be an excellent alternative to modern medical medicines.
Recipes with Shilajit from sinusitis are highly demanded and very popular. Used in these recipes as natural biological stimulant – Mumio has a number of therapeutic effects, and as a means of prevention sinusitis has proven its characteristics from the best side. This is confirmed by numerous reviews about the prevention of sinusitis.

Prevention of sinusitis with Shilajit
Sinusitis (complicated running nose), as well as inflammation of the middle ear or otitis, is a rather insidious disease that can deliver serious problems, and in the case of an advanced stage of the disease, may require surgical intervention. Often, treatment by traditional methods does not bring the expected effect. Therefore, the most optimal way is to use complex approaches that include folk remedies. The most effective of which, without any doubt, is Shilajit.  The condition that provokes the development of sinusitis is the presence of a variety of bacterial infections, as well as a weakened immune system. All this can lead to the development of complicated, pathological sinusitis (severe headache, congestion, etc.). In such a difficult situation, Shilajit can be basically an indispensable tool.

Recipes for the use of Shilajit for sinusitis
Consider the most popular recipes with simple treatment schemes.

1. Prevention of otitis via folk remedies involves the use of Shilajit, dissolved in a ratio of 1: 10 of camphor oil. Instillations should be 3-5 drops in the morning and evening. To enhance the outflow of pus in otitis, you should take Shilajit inside in an amount of 0.5 grams and preferably with milk.

2. Shilajit for sinusitis and otitis can be used according to the following scheme: 3 times a day, three drops in the maxillary sinuses and, at the same time, take it inside in an amount of 0.3-0.5 grams.

3. You can prepare drops from sinusitis with mumio. To make the mixture, you need to take 1/10 g of the substance and mix with camphor oil in a ratio of 1:5. Instill the mixture for 7 days for 4-5 drops, 3-4 times a day. This is the most effective way to get rid of the disease at the first symptoms.

4. If you have a strong running nose, greenish discharge and you can not blow your nose a lot, you should mix 3 grams of Shilajit with distilled water and glycerin. Such drops are recommended to be instilled at least three times a day.

5. If you have swelling, you can dissolve Shilajit in water with the addition of honey and instill it several times a day.

6. Taking Shilajit in a dosage of 0.3 grams (preferably with honey or milk) and instilling a solution of it in camphor oil for 5 drops, 5 times a day is very effective in the Prevention of chronic sinusitis.


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