Mumijo and the Russian Olympic Program

With the Winter Olympics scheduled to take place in Sochi this year, there’s bound to be a lot of Olympic-themed topics feeling your feeds, from the US Men’s Hockey team’s quest to win it all after coming so close last time to the many skiers, ice skaters and other athletes ready to go for the gold.
For all of that, however, Olympics-time also reminds us of the lengths all the athletes go to while training to win that gold medal and claim honor for their country—enter Russia and Mumijo.
When it was still represented as the Soviet Union, there was heavy interest and usage in the Russian athletic community with Mumijo, a naturally-occurring substance in the Caucasus, Altari, and Tibetan Mountains. What’s so special about Mumijo? Let’s take a look.

What Is Mumijo

To begin with, Mumijo goes by quite a few other names on the Internet, including Shilajit and Shilajeet. As stated, it’s found in mountainous areas, particular those in and around the former Soviet Union. There are still some questions, however, about what it actually “is” and whether or not it’s a biological or geological phenomenon. In addition, there are different varieties to be found, as while the substance generally has something of a paste-like appearance and texture, its coloring can be anything from black to brown to dirty-gold.

How is Mumijo Used?

Mumijo can be used in many ways, but the most popular form today is via ingestion. There are several stores online which sell ready-made Mumijo extracts. Why are extracts so important? Simply put, Mumijo is a highly-potent substance which, combined with the obvious difficulties of possible debris and contamination from its mountainous terrain, makes its raw form highly unadvisable so far as medicinal use is concerned.

Benefits of Mumijo

All that being said, there are a great many benefits which Soviet scientists discovered while examining them, in part for their possible use by members of the USSR’s Olympic teams. Among other things, Mumijo use has been reported as having effectiveness treating inflammation, ulcers, pain, anxiety, and stress. In addition, Indian markets sometimes market the substance as something of a male enhancement product or male impotency treatment.

Back In The USSR

In terms of Russian involvement with the substance, there have been reports on the effectiveness of Mumijo over cycles of either 7-10 or 10-12 days. These cycles are especially important for athletes looking to maximize the recovery potential without controlled substances.