Schemes and methods use the Shilajit

Proper and regular use of the Shilajit has a beneficial effect on the state of the immune system, increases the rate of regeneration of damaged tissues, and normalizes metabolism. The tool is almost harmless, except for individual intolerance to the components.
Today, many folk recipes for the use of mountain balsam and scientific schemes have been developed with the help of which effective prevention courses are conducted.
Among the many works devoted to the use of shilajit, the book “Shilajit in the complex treatment of bone fractures”, which contains recipes for internal and external use of this tool, the effectiveness of which was proved during clinical testing.

Shilajit should be used in the following dosage: for adults – 0.2-0.5 g. The dose is taken on an empty stomach, an hour or two before eating. As you know, the resin has a bitter taste and a specific smell, so it is recommended to drink it with milk, sweet tea or honey water. One course of prevention is 7-10 days, after which you need to take a ten-day break, repeat the course, again take a break of 10 days and take the final course.

It is possible to calculate the amount of the supplement not according to the above norm, but depending on body weight:
⦁  people with weight does not exceed 70 kg can take 0.2 shilajit and this will be enough;
⦁ weight 70-80 kg requires 0.25 g;
⦁ 80-90 kg – 0.3 g;
⦁ if the patient’s weight surpasses 90 kg, you need to take 0.4-0.5 g of mountain resin.

Shilajit  – methods for taking

Internal use of the supplement. When using mountain balm, a pronounced positive effect is observed, which is especially pronounced in the form of an improvement in the state of the stomach and esophagus. The resin is also used as an immunostimulating, as well as a general strengthening agent. Despite the presence of several unique properties, it is necessary to take into account those side effects that are rare but can occur in some patients:
⦁  yellowing of the tooth enamel is observed when the supplement is absorbed in the mouth;
⦁  pigmentation of the skin manifested in the form of light brown spots on the face and hands with prolonged use of the supplement. Pigmentation spots quickly pass after the end of the course of prevention.
External use. Shilajit perfectly copes with minor skin lesions. To do this, you need to prepare a 10 percent aqueous solution of mountain balm, which must be lubricated damaged areas 2-4 times a day. If the wounds do not heal or fester for a long time, it is necessary to increase the dosage and prepare a 30 percent solution, which should be applied twice a day. It is advisable to cover the damaged area with a bandage or bandage.
For the prevention of deep-lying abscesses with superficial outflow, a piece of dry shilajit weighing 2 g is applied to the pus exit site, after which it is rolled out to the size of the wound. It is best to roll out a slightly warmed preparation. On top of the shilajit, polyethylene and an elastic bandage are applied. Such careful sealing leads to a dilution of the product, which contributes to its deep penetration into the tissue. This is very important since the shilajit has antimicrobial properties and the ability to accelerate regeneration.

Shilajit flat cakes, compress

The easiest and most safe way for external use of the Shilajit is to apply a compress. Indications for this use may include abscesses, radiculitis, joint pain, mastitis, osteochondrosis, and other conditions and injuries. With this application, you do not have to worry about the possibility of an overdose of the supplement, since only the necessary dose can be absorbed into the skin.
Studies have shown that in healthy areas of the skin there is an almost complete absence of absorption of Shilajit, while at the same time in damaged areas this process ends amazingly quickly. Dosage for external use is determined depending on the size of the damaged area. For the Shilajit, which is liquefied by body temperature, not to absorb the dressing, the preparation is necessarily covered with polyethylene.
It is best to apply a compress before bedtime and do not remove it until the morning. In the morning, carefully remove the polyethylene and rinse the skin. If there is a need for a second course of treatment, a compress can be applied only after 2-3 days to avoid irritation on the skin. If, after removing the compress, the remainder of a large amount of the resin on polyethylene is found, to save a valuable substance, it can be reused, adding the missing amount if necessary.

Shilajit for rinsing

In the presence of several inflammatory diseases, it is possible to use a Shilajit solution for rinsing the oral cavity as directed by a doctor

Dental and gum treatment

You can apply a Shilajit to a diseased tooth or gum. Although this method is completely safe, you should not abuse it and use it for too long. If the desired analgesic effect is not achieved in 5-10 minutes, it is better to stop further use. For the treatment of periodontal disease, a special regimen has been developed.

Shilajit and prevention ear

A 15 percent Shilajit solution, previously heated to a warm state, is pipetted and instilled into the ear with purulent as well as acute otitis media. In this case, the patient should lie on the side opposite to the diseased organ. For the medicine to surely get inside the damaged organ, after installation, a couple of swallowing movements should be made and peace should be maintained for the next 15 minutes. Next, you need to put a cotton swab in your ear and do not remove it for a day. After a day, the tampon is removed, and the ear is washed and cleaned. Ideally, if it is possible to instill the solution at night, and then warm the ear through a woolen pad with a heating pad. As a rule, 3-7 installations per prevention course are sufficient.

Shilajit installation in the nose

This method is actively used if necessary prevention the inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx. An effective method for the treatment of sinusitis. Achieving the desired result may require both a moderate concentration of the solution at which it has a transparent brownish color and quite intense when the solution is opaque. It must be borne in mind that a strong solution can cause severe burning in the sinuses affected by the disease. After the solution has got into the nose, thinning of the mucus is observed. The effect of the use of the Shilajit, in this case, manifests itself almost instantly. Immediately after installation, the nose is released from the accumulated mucus. You can repeat the procedure several times until the nasal passages are completely cleansed.

Eye installation

In the case of mild inflammatory diseases, for example, the formation of barley, the method of instilling the Shilajit solution in the eyes is used. In this case, the concentration should be very weak. If the desired effect has not been achieved, it is not recommended to re-install the solution. The dosage is 1-2 drops of a very light solution in each eye. After installation, you should blink intensively so that the solution is evenly distributed over the surface of the eye. Repeat the procedure several times, waiting 5 minutes after the previous one.

Microclysters from the Shilajit

This method is indicated for poisoning, intoxication, duodenal ulcer, colitis. For the procedure, you need to take 50-150 ml of a four percent solution of the drug, previously slightly warmed up. The position of the patient during the procedure depends on the location of the affected area. To prevention highly located sections of the intestine, the patient needs to raise his legs as high as possible and not change position for 5-15 minutes, which will allow the solution to reach the desired site. After the procedure, it is advisable not to go to the toilet for 2 hours.

Shilajit and alcohol

You should not combine the Shilajit with any alcoholic beverages. If you strictly follow the recipes, proportions, and regularity of taking the shilajit, then this mountain Mumio is able to provide the body with a complex of necessary vitamins and a large number of trace elements. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of weakened immunity and will contribute to vigor, longevity and good health.


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